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Happy First Day of Spring!

Whether you have sunshine, wind, or snow, I hope today brings you a little joy and happiness as we officially say “Welcome, Spring!”

Even if the weather isn’t being cooperative today, you can still celebrate spring in easy and savvy style.

One sure sign of spring is tulips. Get a bright and colorful bunch on your way home today and see if it doesn’t make your home feel cheery and spring-like.

Serve a “spring” themed meal. Go for a salad with a light vinaigrette dressing and serve something lemony for dessert.

Spring is all about lightening up and shrugging off the heavy darkness of winter. That includes everything from your drapes and clothes to your menu selections.

It’s spring – lighten up!

For some fun and quick tips on bringing spring into your home, along with a handful of spring-themed recipes, download my Savvy Spring Entertaining booklet for free! I promise you’ll find at least one useful thing inside!

She Who is More than Ready for Spring!

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Happy Spring!

Even though it is cloudy and cool and trying to rain here today, I can’t tell you how excited I am that it is officially spring!


Spring means green grass, cheery daffodils nodding their little golden heads and breezes that carry more warmth than chill. It is budding trees, and the loamy smell of earth coming back to life after a long winter’s rest. It’s lemony treats, fresh paint and dust motes dancing in streams of sunlight while you deep clean.

What does spring mean to you? What signifies spring in your corner of the world?

Whatever it is, enjoy!

She Who is Giddy That Spring Has Arrived

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Because it is raining, the skies and gray and dreary, and I still haven’t recuperated from my time-change trauma, I am being a lazy slug today and giving you some links to previous spring posts. Enjoy!

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As the days start to get longer and warmer, it is natural our thoughts turn to spring. You can hurry it along indoors by bringing in some fun decorating elements. So even if your neck of the woods is still buried in snow, you can enjoy warmer thoughts with a few easy ideas.

Dogwood branches, especially pink, are a sure sign of spring. Purchase a few silk branches and artfully arrange them (interpret as stuff however you like) in a tall white vase. Set this in an entry, on a counter or anywhere you want to add an airy feel of spring.

Grass is definitely a symbol of spring. Those first green shoots poking their head above ground are always a welcome sight at our house. Create your own green oasis using bunches of fake grass. You can leave stems long and drape out of vase or use short pieces to cover a piece of styrofoam (whatever pattern you choose – could be oval, rectangle, square). Cover the outside and top completely with the grass and then tie a cheery ribbon around it. Set on a footed tray (a cake plate would be ideal) and enjoy.

Decorate with flower blossoms. Every time I go to the craft store, I am amazed at the new items available using floral blossoms. Choose a bright color like hot pink, citrus, apple green or robin’s egg blue or a few new throw pillows. Tack on a few flower petals in coordinating colors for both a unique and fun accent in your home. You can also use magnetic blossoms to brighten up a variety of areas in your home. Attach to a bathroom mirror, hang a metal tray covered in blossoms, leave a few on your fridge door.

Color is a must for spring. Think of colors that make you smile. Is it a sunny yellow, bright fuchsia or a gorgeous green? Find ways to easily incorporate those colors into your home decor through pillows, table runners or centerpieces.

Have fun with your decorating and remember the only limitation is your imagination!

Happy Entertaining!

from She Who Can’t Wait for Spring

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