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Today, I wanted to share some quick and savvy tips for updating your home decor.

Bed Linens

Create a whole new look by making a duvet.  Place two flat sheets back to back, and sew around the perimeter, allowing for a half-inch seam. Leave an opening at the bottom. To close, sew twill-tape ties or velcro tape to the inside edges. You can also use the same sheet pattern or a contrasting design for your sheets, add some throw pillows and enjoy the new look.

Window Treatments

Lighten up any room by removing heavy drapes or window coverings. Wash the windows then add back breezy curtains or drapings. Flat sheets can also be used for curtains. Look for curtain hooks that clip on to the fabric or use bias tape or ribbon to create tabs on top of the sheets.


Remove lamp shades from lamps, wipe off light bulbs with a microfiber cloth, dust lamps and then clean the shades. Use a soft brush attachment with your vacuum and run up and down along the shade. If you don’t have a vacuum attachment, a soft brush will do. Remember to wipe down the inside of the shade as well. If the shade was rips or stains, think about investing in a new one.

Pops of Color

Nothing chases away the winter blahs and screams spring like bright colors. Three of the most popular this spring are green, orange and bright pink. Add a vase of orange flowers or a throw pillow in hot pink and you have created an instant “welcome spring” message for your guests.


Have fun with your spring decor and add unexpected elements. A vase filled with bright kumquats can hold a bouquet of daffodils. Limes and hot pink flowers are so fun together in a centerpiece. Use wall decals to brighten up a wall, cupboard or even a piece of wooden furniture.

Just add a few touches here and there and soon your house will be singing spring!

She Who is More Than Ready for Spring to Stay Sprung

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If you’re looking for some creative ideas to decorate your front door, here are a few that I liked:


spring wreath 1
Liked the mix of burlap with flowers from twelveOeight.

spring wreath nest


The nest with burlap bow from The Charm of Home is so sweet.

spring wreath etsy

This one really speaks to me. I love the tulips, the shades of pink – beautiful! You can purchase this one from Etsy.com

spring wreath greens

This one from Fabulously Organized Home starts with a grapevine wreath and builds on it from there. Like the colors, choice of flowers and flow of this wreath.

spring wreath bare feet

And this one from Believe & Inspire is so sweet and fun! Love it!

She Who Wants a New Wreath

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nest 1

One thing that always shouts “Spring” to me is nests. I love nests of all shapes and sizes and if there are robin eggs inside them, even better. This sweet design from Pretty Handy Girl is just awesome.


nest 2

This one from The Idea Room is so pretty, too. I like the distressed wood of the table, too.

umbrellaThe whimsy of this umbrella with flowers and a nest is full of great spring color and fun from Things I Love.

nest 3

This centerpiece ,complete with cheery flowers and a nest is perfect for spring from the creative folks at Good Housekeeping.


nest 4

The milk glass is a perfect accent to this nest with handpainted eggs from Creative Juice.

Have fun feathering your nest this spring!

She Who Needs to Find Some Eggs and a Nest

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Maybe it’s because there is snow on my lawn or because it’s freezing outside or because I’m ready for something besides the blah landscape of late winter.

Whatever the reason, I am more than ready for spring to arrive.

Until it does, I think I’ll force a little springtime to blossom inside my home with some things that remind me of spring.

Crocuses are always a hopeful sign that winter is fading away and spring is coming right around the corner. I love their cheery colors, especially against the winter grays and browns. Bring some of that eye-popping color indoors with accents throughout your home for an instant mood-lifter.

Flowering trees are so pretty and shout-out “Spring Is Here!” Some of my favorites are magnolias, dogwoods and Hawthorne trees. You can capture some of that beauty indoors by bringing in a few branches as they bloom or cheating by purchasing a few fake branches to  give a lighter, brighter look to your home decor now.

I love tulips. It’s hard not to smile when you see a bunch of them blooming in all their colorful splendor. My silly tulips are already poking their little heads through the soil, attempting to freeze their tops off. I think they are as ready for spring to arrive as I am. You can find bunches of tulips in florist shops or even the grocery store this time of year. Treat yourself to a bright bouquet and see if they don’t make you grin. A lot.

Robins are a sure sign that spring is coming. I saw a whole bunch of them yesterday and sighed in relief. Robins create the most spectacular shade of blue with their eggs. You can recreate a little of that miracle in your own home using a fake nest and eggs from the craft store. Or for a fun project, make a nest out of coconut and fill with candy eggs. It might not last long, but the smiles from your family will be well worth it!

She Who Can’t Wait for Spring

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Last week we talked about ways to lighten up your home decor for spring.

Today, let’s talk about lightening up your home scent for spring.

I know, what a profound topic of discussion. But honestly, how your home smells can have a big impact on your guests and the experience they have.

I’m a huge fan of pumpkin scents but by spring, I’m ready for something fresh and light instead of spicy and heavy.

Think about candles or plug ins or air sprays that smell like spring and sunshine and flowers and freshness.

Lilac is definitely a scent of spring. One of my favorite versions can be found from Yankee Candle.

Something fruity with a kick is always a fun fragrance and tells the nose that nothing stuffy and boring is going on in here.

A great fragrance is Caribbean Salsa from Bath & Body Works.

Another awesome scent from Bath & Body Works is Nectarine Mint. It is fruity and light with just the right pack of punch to say “Hey, the fun people hang out here.”

So lighten up! Get a new spring fragrance going on at home and see how much you and your guests enjoy it!

She Who Adores Things that Smell Pretty

P.S. Yankee Candle and Bath & Body Works do not endorse my ramblings or even have a clue who I am. I just like their stuff. A lot.

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As the days start to get longer and warmer, it is natural our thoughts turn to spring. You can hurry it along indoors by bringing in some fun decorating elements. So even if your neck of the woods is still buried in snow, you can enjoy warmer thoughts with a few easy ideas.

Dogwood branches, especially pink, are a sure sign of spring. Purchase a few silk branches and artfully arrange them (interpret as stuff however you like) in a tall white vase. Set this in an entry, on a counter or anywhere you want to add an airy feel of spring.

Grass is definitely a symbol of spring. Those first green shoots poking their head above ground are always a welcome sight at our house. Create your own green oasis using bunches of fake grass. You can leave stems long and drape out of vase or use short pieces to cover a piece of styrofoam (whatever pattern you choose – could be oval, rectangle, square). Cover the outside and top completely with the grass and then tie a cheery ribbon around it. Set on a footed tray (a cake plate would be ideal) and enjoy.

Decorate with flower blossoms. Every time I go to the craft store, I am amazed at the new items available using floral blossoms. Choose a bright color like hot pink, citrus, apple green or robin’s egg blue or a few new throw pillows. Tack on a few flower petals in coordinating colors for both a unique and fun accent in your home. You can also use magnetic blossoms to brighten up a variety of areas in your home. Attach to a bathroom mirror, hang a metal tray covered in blossoms, leave a few on your fridge door.

Color is a must for spring. Think of colors that make you smile. Is it a sunny yellow, bright fuchsia or a gorgeous green? Find ways to easily incorporate those colors into your home decor through pillows, table runners or centerpieces.

Have fun with your decorating and remember the only limitation is your imagination!

Happy Entertaining!

from She Who Can’t Wait for Spring

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If you’ve done your spring cleaning and yet your home’s interior still seems lost in the doldrums, think about changing things up a bit for some decor excitement.

Here are a few ideas to get you started and give the inside of your home a very simple and  extremely affordable facelift.

Just Move It! – One of the fastest and easiest ways to completely change the look of your home is to move around the furniture. Sketch out your room’s dimensions on paper cut out pieces of paper in approximate dimension to your furniture and move it around until you get a combination that you like. Then you can do the heavy lifting and move your furniture around to its new resting place (or stand back and direct the process while someone else does the lifting!).

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall – Place a mirror across from a window and suddenly you’ve got another window. Place it across from a door to give your room a wide-open feel. Any time you can place a mirror where light comes in, it creates a whole new level of warmth and openness.

•Pops Goes the Color – Add bright, fun pops of excitement with colorful throws and accent pillows. This works great on a couch or a bed. If most of your decor is neutral, you can have a lot of fun with seasonal color. Think hot pinks, turquoise or bright greens for spring, reds and nautical blues for summer. Think about what one red pillow or one turquoise throw could do for a room.

Room to Breathe – Most people have more knick knacks, decor and sentimental treasures than their house can hold, let alone one room. Instead of trying to have everything on display all the time, select a handful of  pieces that fit well with the season and put those out. Make sure whatever you are displaying has room to breath. Space creates a sense of order and openness.

• Let there be Light – If your lampshades are beyond repair, get some new light shades. If lamps are dark and clunky, give them a coat of paint. A light neutral shade can create a whole new look for your room. Or maybe you want to make the lamp your one focal point of color.  Before you slap on a coat of eye-popping orange, get a paint chip and try it in the room to see what the overall effect is going to be.

However you decide to change things up this spring, remember to have fun with it!

Happy Entertaining!

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