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I saw this photo of Columbia Hills on Pinterest and it made me smile.

Not only is it a beautiful photography, it made me think of spring and warmer temperatures and blue sky and green grass –  all the things lacking in my gray-laden world right at the moment.

If you are wishing for spring, gaze at this for a few moments and dream of being there. You can almost smell the rich earthy aroma and hear the birds singing.

She Who Can’t Wait for Spring

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Happy First Day of Spring!

Whether you have sunshine, wind, or snow, I hope today brings you a little joy and happiness as we officially say “Welcome, Spring!”

Even if the weather isn’t being cooperative today, you can still celebrate spring in easy and savvy style.

One sure sign of spring is tulips. Get a bright and colorful bunch on your way home today and see if it doesn’t make your home feel cheery and spring-like.

Serve a “spring” themed meal. Go for a salad with a light vinaigrette dressing and serve something lemony for dessert.

Spring is all about lightening up and shrugging off the heavy darkness of winter. That includes everything from your drapes and clothes to your menu selections.

It’s spring – lighten up!

For some fun and quick tips on bringing spring into your home, along with a handful of spring-themed recipes, download my Savvy Spring Entertaining booklet for free! I promise you’ll find at least one useful thing inside!

She Who is More than Ready for Spring!

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