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The other day I received a catalog in the mail that seriously made me laugh.

It claimed to be the number one source of western fashion. I’ll admit it had a really nice cover.

But then I looked inside.

And laughed.

Then laughed some more.

I grew up in the country around ranch and farm women. I know a lot of country girls and I don’t think a single one of them would be caught dead or alive wearing…

western fashion feather boot topsFeather boot toppers.

It looks like something crawled in their boots and died there.

western fashion fanny packHow about a “fashion” fanny pack that slips right on your belt?

western fashion denim gauchosDenim gauchos, anyone?

I’m sure it’s what all the best-dressed cowgirls will be wearing this fall… or not.

western fashion purple mocsMaybe some bright purple moccasins. With fringe. And silver conchos.

western fashion tshirt

Or beaded and fringed T-shirts.

western fashion fur vestAnd my personal favorite – a faux fur vest that looks like you found some good road kill.

If you’re looking for “western” fashion, I think you might want to look elsewhere.

She Who Won’t Be Wearing Any of the Above – Ever

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In an effort to hurry along warmer weather, I’m doing my part by buying sandals.

Not just any sandals…

Cute sandals.

It started when I bought a super cute new bright blue floral pencil skirt. I loved the skirt but, sadly, had no shoes that matched it. I was forced to go shopping.

Really, I was. It was completely necessary. (At least that is the story I gave Captain Cavedweller!)

My quest for blue shoes ended when I saw this pair of wedges at Shoe Carnival by Cabrizi. They’re called Rubee. Love, love, love them. Comfy and cute! What more could you ask for in a shoe! And if you’re an Elvis fan, they are blue suede..

blue sandal

While I was at the Shoe Carnival I also found this cute pair.black sandal

Jasmin  Madison. Love the casual look. These will be great for running errands or days when I don’t want a high wedge.

I also may have given in to the urge to own a pair of red wedge sandals and ordered these.

red sandals

Aersoles Plush Above has this plush, super-comfy footbed. I love the cork blended with the red leather.

Yes, I like shoes.

A lot.

And if Captain Cavedweller asks, these were all absolutely essential to have.


She Who Needs More Room for Shoes in Her Cloest

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Flipping through my latest issue of Family Circle, I came across this page and stared at it for a few thoughtful moments.

The colors here are exactly the colors that make me think of Easter and spring – and Kat, my best friend during college.

One beautiful spring day our senior year, I put together an outfit that I thought screamed spring and headed off to classes.  My robin’s egg blue pencil skirt, pale pink top and cream sweater with little pink, lavender and blue flowers was cheery and girly and perfect for the season. Or so I thought.

Meeting up in the student union for a quick lunch, Kat took one look at me and shook her head. “You look like you were mauled by an Easter Parade. What are you doing?”

Needless to say, I never wore that particular wardrobe combination again.

But the colors still speak to me of springtime, of Easter baskets and dyed eggs, little chicks and pretty flowers.

She Who Loves the Colors of Spring Even if She Doesn’t Wear Them All at Once Anymore

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With St. Patty’s Day approaching and everyone talking about getting their green on, today seemed like a perfect day to talk about the 2013 Pantone color of the year – Emerald.

 I love nearly all shades of green – from the palest mint to the darkest hunter.  And emerald is right there at the top of the list.


This detail about green is awesome…


I think my love affair with green probably started the first time I watched Gone With the Wind.
How could you not love green after seeing Scarlett in this dress?
I wanted the dress. I wanted to be Scarlett. Somewhere in the recesses of my head, I think I began associating green with a plucky, strong-willed, determined spirit – just like Scarlett had.
Nearly every room in my home has some hint of green (it not a blatant display). I find the color soothing, calming and inviting.
Here are a few fun “emerald” ideas for fashion and home decor.
I seriously love the coat. As in LOVE the coat.


Burberry trench coat

Pointy toe heels

Vintage Princess zipper bag
$250 – theiconic.com.au

Zip bag

Cashmere scarve
$290 – black.co.uk

Velvet Love Tub
$810 – oliverbonas.com

She Who is Digging the Green

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