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Last week, Captain Cavedweller and I took some time off and escaped to a big city where I can shop to my heart’s content and he can eat things like fall-off-the bone delicious ribs and the best french fries known to man.

Driving to our destination, we enjoyed the scenery and I may have asked (okay, more like yelled “stop the car!”) to pull over a few times to snap photos.

This is one of a beautiful wheat field set against the gorgeous summer sky.

I’ll be sharing more vacation photos and stories this week, just as soon as I get my head back on straight and our laundry done!

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Today, apparently, is going to be one of those days.

It started out with me oversleeping.

Despite my frenzied efforts to put some hustle in it, Captain Cavedweller was standing at the door doing his best not to remind me we were already late leaving the house as I was hopping around trying to put on my second shoe, grab my purse and find the car keys.

We got in the car only to have the gas light come on. Guess who drove it home last night on empty? (And it wasn’t CC.)

And just because it was off to a great morning, I, of course, choose the longest possible route to the gas station.

By the time the attendant filled our nearly empty gas tank and we got back on the road, CC was anxiously watching the clock. He has never, in all the years I’ve known him, been late for work. Ever. Not even close.

If I didn’t get a move-on, it was possible today would be the day.

Pulling into the parking lot at my office (across the street from his), I started to grab one of three heavy boxes in the back seat I need to mail today. (The post office is across the street so it’s easier to take them to my office then go to the post office when it opens than trek out to the car and have to lug them to the post office – at least in my mind.)

“What are you doing?” he asked, practically jogging in place, eager to hurry me along.

“I need to mail these today,” I said, trying to stack a second box on top of the first.

With a long-suffering sigh, he grabbed the second and third boxes and managed to restrain himself from giving me a nudge forward.

Wisely, I managed to keep my mouth shut and trot after him, or as fast as I can trot in my heels.

As luck would have it, I couldn’t find the key to access the employee door. He continued to glance nervously at his watch while I fumbled in my purse. Finally, I found the key and he escorted me to the elevator, dumped the boxes and ran out the door. According to my watch, he should have made it with a few seconds to spare.

I am often reminded I am married to a good man. One who loves me despite all my faults and annoyances. Especially on days like today.

And days like today, thank goodness, don’t happen too often.

Today also happens to be my sister’s birthday. She would have been 57 today.  One of her greatest pleasures in life was watching Elvis Presley movies.

So because it is one of those days, and because it’s her birthday, here’s a little Elvis…

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I’m not a big fan of  yogurt. I eat it because I know it’s good for me, not because of any particular fondness.

Which is why I’ve put off trying Greek Yogurt.

It seems everyone and their dog has been singing the praises of the packed-with-goodness stuff.

The other day I finally caved and bought two different brands to try.

Two completely different brands and two different flavors.

Yesterday, I decided to have one for breakfast.

Opening the lid, I gazed down at the thick creaminess and thought it looked pretty tasty.

Dipping in my spoon, I took a bite and fought back the urge to gag.


With little flavor, a hint of sour, and texture that was similar to sour cream, I decided maybe I needed to stir it.

So I did.

And it tasted the same.

Terrible, awful, horrid!

Tossing it, I decided to try the second carton I purchased.

Opening the lid, I stirred it vigorously, then took a bite.

It was just as bad, if not worse than the first one.

I like sour cream, way more than I should, in fact. But I don’t want to eat it with a spoon and I really don’t want to eat it for breakfast. And I’m pretty sure sour cream has more flavor and a better texture.

Mentioning my experience to some of my yogurt-eating coworkers, I was informed you have to get Greek yogurt with strong fruity flavors (not the vanilla or coconut I tried) or it’s absolutely awful. Good to know – after the fact.

Why did no one mention this in all their rave reviews?

As a matter of fact, I came across a review of the top 10 Greek yogurts yesterday.

You know what? One of the nasty flavors I attempted to eat was in the top 10 list with a comment that said, “you can easily substitute this for a scoop of your favorite ice cream after dinner.”

Are these people mad?

Completely insane?

Lacking taste buds?

There is no way (NO WAY) the yogurt I tasted would ever, and I mean ever, be a substitute for ice cream.


She Who is All Done with Greek Yogurt

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Flipping through my latest issue of Family Circle, I came across this page and stared at it for a few thoughtful moments.

The colors here are exactly the colors that make me think of Easter and spring – and Kat, my best friend during college.

One beautiful spring day our senior year, I put together an outfit that I thought screamed spring and headed off to classes.  My robin’s egg blue pencil skirt, pale pink top and cream sweater with little pink, lavender and blue flowers was cheery and girly and perfect for the season. Or so I thought.

Meeting up in the student union for a quick lunch, Kat took one look at me and shook her head. “You look like you were mauled by an Easter Parade. What are you doing?”

Needless to say, I never wore that particular wardrobe combination again.

But the colors still speak to me of springtime, of Easter baskets and dyed eggs, little chicks and pretty flowers.

She Who Loves the Colors of Spring Even if She Doesn’t Wear Them All at Once Anymore

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