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Around this time of the year, I start dreaming of being somewhere tropical and wonderful versus somewhere that the lawn needs mowed, the housework needs some attention, and someone needs to go to the grocery store. Again.

So to compensate for the fact that fresh pineapple is about as close to an exotic location as I’m going to get, I like to fill my home with some fun fragrances.

Some of my favorites for summer are:





From candles to lotions, you’ll find me using these during the next few months.

Certain scents, like a delightful lotion that mixes tropical flowers with coconut, get me through my island-less existence. I inhale it deeply, slather too much of it on, and pretend I’m sitting in a chair somewhere close to the beach.

Find the scents that make you smile and add them to your go-to selections for the summer months.

She Who is In Need of a Vacation

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For those of you celebrating Independence Day all weekend, here are a few of my favorite summer entertaining recipes.

ribs doneBarbecue Pork Ribs

The prettier, lighter version of Flank Steak Salad. I tossed on a few crumbles of Feta Cheese and, boy, was that a good decision.

Flank Steak Salad

Top with paprika and parsley then dig in!

Chunky Potato Salad

caprese finishedTomato Caprese Salad

finished-saladSummer Fruit Salad

I skipped a few steps here as the ice cream was melting way too fast in our hot house.  Pour mix into pie pan. Freeze for three hours (or longer)  and garnish with whipped cream, Mandarin oranges and a sprig of mint if you want  to get all fancy-pants. Which I did. And it was yummy.

Orange Dream Pie

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Just a reminder, if you’re looking for summer party tips, decorating ideas, entertaining hints and some summer recipes, you can download by Savvy Summer Entertaining guide – for free!

Download  Summer Entertaining for Free!



Barnes & Noble

Enjoy and Happy Entertaining!

She Who Needs To Host a Party Soon


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Here are some fun summer entertaining ideas I’ve gleaned from one of my favorite  addictions – Pinterest!

From The Culinary Tribune

From Taste of Home

Rootbeer Float Popsicles from Butter Me Up Brooklyn

Glow in the Dark Bubbles from blog.kriegsman.org

Garden Party Lights made from Cupcake Papers by Itsy Belle. So wickedly clever!

Glow jars From Panka With Love. I adore this idea!

Happy Summer Entertaining!

She Who Needs to Host a Party!

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Here are some tips for Summer Essentials to make your warm weather gatherings simple and easy!

She Who Needs to Plan a Party

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If you are like me and sitting in the bliss of ocean breezes is not on your near or distant horizon, you can at least keep your cool as temperatures rise.

Did you know certain foods can help you beat the heat?

Why not host a summer party with a theme of “Keep Your Cool?”

Go Green

As in salad greens. This is an obvious and easy choice for summer meals. Lettuce contains a lot of water as do cucumbers, celery and carrots. The added liquid helps cool you down and keep you hydrated. Set up a salad bar with some basic toppings and make entertaining this way a breeze.

Think Spicy

Food in the tropics are often spicy. The reason for this is because “hot” food such as chili peppers lower your body temp because of capsaicin, a chemical that causes skin to prespire (or glow, as I prefer to call it). That glow cools you as it evaporates. Add a few spicy additions to your salad bar and see how popular they will be. (Except to those of us you have an aversion to spicy foods. I’ll just eat some chocolate to make up for it.)

Hint of Mint

Both peppermint and wintergreen contain menthol which has a cooling effect. Add mint to salads, side dishes, desserts and drinks. My BFF thinks I make peppermint iced tea just for her but I really enjoy it, too.

However you decide to entertain this summer, remember to relax, enjoy your guests and have fun.

She Who Now Craves Peppermint Tea


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If you keep putting off entertaining because you feel like you can’t afford either the investment of money or time, or maybe both, stop putting it off!

Entertaining doesn’t have to drain your bank account or your energy. It is meant to be fun! Honest and true!

Savvy entertaining is all about making guests feel welcome in your home and building relationships, not about expensive spreads or time consuming decorations.

One obvious and simple way to entertain is with a backyard barbecue. It doesn’t get much less expensive than hot dogs and chips. It is such an informal way of entertaining, people don’t have high expectations for fancy meals or intense decorations.

If you want to go a step or two beyond that, think about making pulled pork sandwiches instead of hot dogs or hamburgers. Here is a basic recipe for making the pork on a slow-cooker. Once the pork is cooked, take it out of the slow cooker and shred it between two forks. Remove the liquid from the slow cooker then return meat along with about a cup of barbecue sauce. Mix it all together and leave in the slow cooker to keep warm while serving. Just turn it to the low setting. You can offer hot dog buns or hoagie rolls to make the sandwiches. Serve alongside potato or pasta salad, a fresh summer salad and some fresh fruit and you’ve got a nice, inexpensive meal.

Decorations can be kept to a minimum. Cut a few flowers from whatever is blooming in your yard. If you don’t have a yard or anything in bloom, just stack fruit or vegetables in a bowl or on an elevated tray for your centerpiece.

Use a flat sheet for your table covering. You can purchase these in a multitude of colors and sizes for less than $5 at most discount stores.

Your dinnerware could be an eclectic mix of whatever pieces you have on hand. Or invest in a few melamine plates that can be reused all summer long. I found some at Wal-Mart last summer that were great. They had several colors to choose from and at a price of four for $1, how could you beat that?

If you want to create a warm atmosphere, gather up an assortment of candles and candleholders and place around  strategically. The nice thing about entertaining outside is that it won’t matter if all your candle scents match or not because they won’t be blending in an indoor space. You are going more for the warm candle glow than the scent at this point.

Do a quick clean of your high traffic areas like the front door, back door, kitchen and bathroom. If you only have time to really clean one room, make sure it is the bathroom guests will use. There is nothing that crashes a party faster than a less than clean bathroom.

Use E-vites for free invitations and you are set to entertain!

Don’t keep putting off spending time with family and friends because you want to wait until you have the time or the money to do something grand and flamboyant. Get out there and entertain this week!

She Who Needs to Follow Her Own Advice!


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