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Now that the kids are back in school and life has returned to some semblance of a routine, think about giving yourself and your friends a great gift – a little time together as adults!

Host a “The Kids are Back in School Party” for you and your friends. If you can all attend during the day, when no one needs a babysitter, that’s awesome. Or plan it for an evening or weekend.

It could be a “girls day” in. Ask a representative from Mary Kay or another company to come do a demo. It could be anything from foot massage products to make up, but anything relaxing like that would be appreciated. Serve salads for lunch with some sinfully decadent dessert.

Some other ideas for celebrating “in” could be a tea party, a book reading by a local author, a demo from a someone talented with pastries or with cooking talent. Maybe you offer some fun craft project or you all just sit and gab about what’s happening in your world.

You could also plan a “girls day” out. You could go to a spa together, window shop, take in a museum or art gallery.

If you want to include the guys, maybe you could plan a wine tasting or chocolate tasting party. Something interactive is always a hit.

The main point is to spend some time together and enjoy the company of all adults.

She Who Misses the Smell of New Crayons


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I was recently  introduced via an email to a fun website called foryourparty.com

You can order awesome customized  holiday cards there.

You simply choose a template, add your photo and text and choose how many cards you want to order.

How simple and easy is that?

And if you are like me and have yet to get your holiday greetings sent out, the timing is perfect to order some fun photo cards to send.

The website also offers a plethora of other fun party related items from personalized napkins, coasters and gift tags to votive candles and candy tins.

You can also pick up fun little party touches like stir sticks, straws and napkin rings.

Check out foryourparty.com and get your holiday party started!

She Who Really Needs to Get Rolling With Her Holiday Greetings

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With chilly weather, days that are getting shorter and the holiday craziness approaching, think about hosting a party just for your girl friends.

Use a Slippers and Sippers Party Theme for a fun, relaxed evening they will long remember. Invite everyone to wear their favorite pair of slippers. They can be cute, wild, crazy, ratty – whatever floats their boat. Have a contest and give away some fun prizes for the prettiest, ugliest and most unique slippers.  Prizes could be something as simple as a bottle of lotion or some foot soak tablets.

Provide a few tasty beverages for guests to sip. A pot of mulled cider is not only delicious, but it fills your home with the most wonderful, welcoming scent. You could set up a hot chocolate station or a coffee station as well.

You could host a home party where your friends can sit and relax while doing a little shopping (think about companies like Scentsy, Pampered Chef, Willow House, etc.) or you could each bring a handful of catalogs to browse through and get ideas for Christmas gifts.

The main objective is just to get together with your friends and have a fun evening.

Keep the mood light and enjoy a few hours of connecting before the hectic hurry of the holidays sets in.

She Who Needs to Find a Cool Pair of Slippers

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Adding a few special touches to your home when you entertain can make the difference between a ho-hum gathering and a party your guests will never forget. You don’t have to spend a lot or go to a huge amount of effort to make your home look and feel extra-special. Here are a few tips:

Use a variety of decorating techniques to make your event special. Just by changing the linens, dishes and centerpiece, you can transform your dining room from casual to formal in a snap. Spend a little time on the extras that give your party a WOW factor!

The sense of smell is very important and one of the first things a guest notices when they walk into your home. Create a comforting aroma. Just as colors and sounds trigger emotional responses, smells have wonderful – or not so wonderful – effects on our moods. A guest’s first impression of a party may not be what first hits their eyes and ears, but their noses!

Whether it’s an apple pie or chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven, or scented candles placed throughout the entertaining area, limit it to one main fragrance. Lighting a lot of candles with different scents will negate the effect completely.

Make sure to include a candle in the bathroom. Not only does at add a nice ambience, but it creates a pleasant fragrance.

Perfect party lighting is also very important. Parties are a good time to let the shadows fall where they may. Your party is the perfect time to have your guests see themselves at their best.

The best trick for this is to think pink! You can buy pink bulbs almost anywhere, and changing out the bulbs in your lamps for pink ones will make an amazing difference to the ambience. The next rule is to lower the wattage. Either hit the dimmer switches or replace the bulbs with lower watts.

And of course nothing takes the place of candle light, whether outside or inside, so consider having no electric lights on whatsoever.

Happy Entertaining!

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