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As we celebrate and enjoy the Winter Olympics, why not invite a few friends over and make it a party?

Encourage everyone to come dressed in their athletic wear. Hang streamers, put out balloons and prepare for an evening of fun and games.

Create a few games for guests to participate in on commercials breaks, like cookie stacking, hula-hooping or even something as simple as sit-ups. Have gold, bronze and silver awards for each contest (candy wrapped in foil or wrapping paper works well… or have the youngsters create medals out of card stock, markers, crayons and ribbon). You may even want to create three blocks of varying heights for the winners to stand on to accept their “medals.”

Serve food and beverages that have an international flair, like pot stickers, empanadas, tapas or barbecued pork sliders.

Be sure you have a cd of patriotic music handy, including the national anthem, to play during the award ceremony.

Have fun with this gathering and remember the only limit is your imagination!

Happy Entertaining!

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mousse-cupsWith the temps high, patience short and everyone in the lazy mode of summer, keep your entertaining efforts simple.

Think about hosting a BAD (Beverages, Appetizers and Desserts) party. This type of party is easy on the host, very casual in atmosphere and is a fun way to get everyone together, especially when no one is into eating heavy food.

Follow these few pointers and you will once again be the host with the most!

  • Make it very clear in your invitation that you are serving only beverages, appetizers and desserts.  If your guests come expecting a full sit down meal, they may be disappointed.
  • Choose items that are easy to eat when seated casually or standing. Something that requires a steak knife or additional bowls will not be appreciated. Think about finger foods or bite-sized pieces that are super easy to eat while moving about.
  • Stick to a casual buffet when you are setting out the food.
  • BAD parties work well with both small and large numbers attending. It works particularly well with an open house format.
  • You can also set up stations for the buffet in different areas. One station might hold the beverages, one might have the appetizers, one could have cheese, crackers, dips, veggies, fruit and another area may be the dessert station.

Remember to have fun with it, keep it casual and focus on your guests.

If you would like more tips for party theme ideas, please leave a post here or send me a message!

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