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red velvet pancakes

If you are looking for some great last-minute recipe ideas and resources, here are a few links you’ll want to check out.

Betty Crocker  Рwhere you can find everything from brunch ideas to munchies for gifting. Considering my current obsession with all things red velvet, these pancakes are calling my name!

Taste of Home – great recipes, easy to follow instructions and simple to find ingredients.


I mean, just look at these cheesecake. How fun is this?

Pillsbury – good place to go for appetizer recipes. I’m not sure I’ve made it though a party without opening at least one tube of crescent roll dough and wrapping it around some meat or cheese filling.

Tasty Kitchen – also a great place for a wide variety of fantastic recipes!

Whatever you decide to make for the upcoming holiday celebrations, I hope it is tasty, wonderful and well-received. Happy Baking and Cooking!

She Who Needs to Get Crackin’ with Her Holiday Menu

25 days 2011

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I hosted a little get together at my house last week.

It was a finger-food kind of gathering and I decided amidst the butter and sugar and cream, we needed something that resembled a vegetable.

These little cucumber appetizers were so easy to make and pretty tasty if the empty tray was an indication of how well they were received.

Ingredients... plan on two to three of these per person and use ingredients accordingly.

Slice the cucs into 1/2-3/4 inch slices. Uniformity is not my specialty.

Layer, plate and enjoy!

Easy Cucumber Appetizers




Italian Dressing


Wash the cucumbers and slice into about 1/2 slices. I used mini cucumbers and they were bite-sized perfection. Lightly salt and set aside while you get everything else ready.

I cheated and purchased pre-sliced Mozz cheese and then cut each slice into four little pieces. I layered it on the cucumber followed by just a tiny bite of proscuitto then drizzled with a bit of Caesar Italian dressing. Top it off with a sprig of dill and you are ready to serve.

I made these several hours ahead of time, covered in plastic wrap and left in the fridge until party time. This gave the dressing time to work its magic on the meat and cheese.


She Who Loves Easy Recipes

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