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Sometimes I like to share about things I think are cool – and this is definitely one of them…

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NewLight Portraits Infuse Lighting Technology Into Any Photograph

Patented LED prints are more vivid, lifelike and impactful

 Photography has evolved over time from Victorian portraits only the wealthiest could afford to smartphones that inspire users to snap shots of everything. And, sepia print photos can now be turned out on surfaces from canvas to coffee mugs. As every good photographer knows though, an impressive photo is all about lighting. Even if a print is dark and details are lost, technology from NewLight Portraits can infuse life and brilliance into any photograph.

Patented cutting edge LED technology illuminates NewLight photographs from within transforming a great picture or logo into an extraordinarily vivid portrait. NewLight Portraits are self-contained units that are only 5/16 of an inch thick. They can be framed or hung on the wall as is. Inside of NewLight Portrait are special LED lights, which highlight the focal points of any image. When the unit is turned off, it looks like a regular photograph. When the unit is turned on it illuminates an image from within making it extremely crisp, vivid and lifelike. NewLight Portraits bring out the true colors, depth and detail of an image capturing family photos, baby pictures, landscape photos, pet photos, or just about any photograph in perfect replica.

“I always thought it would be cool if I could somehow use LED lighting to not only show off my family pictures hanging on the walls of my house, but to beautify the traditional sign,” said NewLight CEO Joe Brychell. “I never thought track lighting did family portraits any justice. So, years ago I started working on the concept of lighting photographs and signage from the edge instead of the front. After about 200 prototypes and what feels like a million hours of work, I came up with a patented technique to manipulate modern LED light to evenly distribute and also highlight the focal point of a photograph from the backside. It gives me such joy to know that our customers proudly hang our products in their homes, offices and place of business to show off what is really important to them.”

NewLight Portraits need to be plugged into an outlet. They are extremely efficient and consume less power than other light sources.

NewLight Portraits are available in print sizes ranging from 8×10 to 24×36 in portrait or landscape orientations. Each portrait includes an electric plug, switch  and approximately 6 feet of cord. Additional extension cords are available if needed.  Most people choose to run the cord behind the wall to the portrait (this is comparable and as simple as running a single speaker wire) to hide the cord from view. For more information and custom ordering, visit: www.newlightportrait.com.

About Newlight Portrait

 Always fascinated with lighting and the dramatic affects it can have on different objects, Joe Brychell created NewLight Portraits in 2016. An engineer by trade, Brychell developed and patented a method of lighting photographs and signage from the edge instead of the front. All Newlight Portraits are built in America.

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popcornYesterday was National Popcorn Day. Hooray!

If, like me, you love popcorn, here are 100 fun popcorn recipes shared by Yellow Bliss Road.


She Who Is Off to Pop Some

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cookbook from scratch cover

Ever wondered how to make Goldfish Crackers or Twinkies at home?

Wonder no more!

There is a fun cookbook out by Casey Barber that gives you Classic Snacks Made from Scratch.

Inside the book you’ll find 70 recipes for home-made versions of your favorite treats.

cookbook creamsicle

Like Creamsicles.

cookbook poptarts

And strawberry Pop-Tarts.

cookbook hostess cupcakesAnd Hostess Chocolate cupcakes (oh, how I love these!).

cookbook goldfish crackersAnd Goldfish Crackers (which I also love, just not as much since they took up residence under the seat of my car.

The book offers some helpful tips regarding kitchen tools and ingredients.

Categories include Cookies (hello Mint Milanos!), Cakey Treats, Cheese Snacks (Doritos, anyone), Salty Snacks, Ice Cream Treats, Sweets and Candies (Peeps!), Fruit-Filled Treats, Fried and Frozen Snacks, and Dips and Spreads.

The book ends with a list of helpful resources as well as a technique guide that includes things like “how to fill a pastry bag” and “deep frying 101.”

This book is such fun with recipes that easy to follow (and even some diagrams).

Published through Ulysses Press, the book is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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cookbook crockpot cover

I received a cookbook to review the other day. If you like sweets (particularly warm sweets) and enjoy using your slow cooker – this is the book for you!

Slow Cooker Desserts by Jonnie Downing, offers recipes for everything from custards and cobblers to pies, cakes and more.

cookbook crockpot pers

You can make yummy things like Pears with Caramel and Maple.

cookbook crockpot chocolate chip cookiesChocolate Chip Cookie Bars (that’s right!) in your slow cooker.

And my favorite…

cookbook crockpot browniesTriple Chocolate Brownies. Vanilla Ice Cream puddling off the top of a delicious, warm brownie – oh, my!

Downing, along with her daughter,  offers dozens of slow cooker recipes on her blog Crockpotninja.com 

They showcase everything from new recipes to tried and true favorites.

This cookbook gives you the best of her dessert recipes with full-color photos and easy to follow step by step instructions.

She includes information about the different types of slow-cookers, cooking times, measurement conversions.

From pineapple crisp and luscious lemon cake to sticky toffee pudding and banana bread, you’ll find a great assortment of delicious desserts. She even has a section at the back of the back titled “Emergency Desserts” with several fun recipes.

If you love your slow-cooker and have a sweet tooth, check out Slow Cooker Desserts.

Available from Ulysses Press, you can find it on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

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