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I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas with lots of good cheer, memorable moments and warm blessings.

Ours was very quiet and low key – finished off with some very tasty prime rib.

My True Love always gets me interesting gifts that I would never expect and this year was no exception.

In addition to a pink Browning pocket knife and pink binoculars (I asked if had had some outdoors survival experience planned for me and I got a blank look, so I’m taking that as a definite no which is a good thing. Me + Roughing it = Much Misery for all involved.) I received a Pink BB Gun.

I felt a bit like Ralphie with warnings not to shoot somebody’s eye out as we set up a target in the backyard and I fired away. I have to admit, it was a lot of fun to shoot and as soon as the weather cooperates, I will probably take it back out and see what damage I can do to our targets. I can’t wait for spring when I have dozens of pellets to pick up out of the yard!

On the opposite end of the gun/knife/outdoorsy spectrum, Captain Cavedweller gave me a watch.

Not just any watch.

But a decidedly feminine girly-girl watch that I absolutely love.

His gift-buying thought processes are more than this girl can follow. But I do think the watch is the perfect accessory to wear while I’m toting the rifle and wielding my knife!

She Who Loves Gifts from CC

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I’ve spent a good part of the summer searching for the perfect summer dress.

Now that fall fashions are making a splash, I have at least found a website where I could find a perfect dress if I was still of a mind to find it.


You must check out Mod Cloth if you haven’t yet. They have dresses and tops and skirts and shoes and accessories that are oh-my-goodness-gracious-cute. Seriously!

Like this little beauty. I LOVE the color. I can't even begin to tell you how much, but I am enthralled with this particular shade.


And fun, flirty florals!

And this one... the Perfect Dress for the holiday season!


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It’s spring and I’m in love.

(Besides with Captain Cavedweller, the new look of our bedroom and my new microplane!)

What I’m gushing all over these days are the new spring fashions. There are so many I love! That hasn’t happened for a while and I’m nearly giddy with excitement.

Spring’s favorite shades of pink and “honeysuckle” are right up my girlie-girl alley.

How could you not love this gorgeous dress from Dress Barn that just oozes charm, sophistication and flirty fun?

Much to my delight and Captain Cavedweller’s dismay, ruffles are still popular. This sweet T-shirt has flutter sleeves and a nice spray of ruffles that can take this simple T from ho-hum to fabulous. This is also from the Dress Barn. Look for interesting details this spring that can add pop to your outfit.

And these espadrille’s with the awesome flower in knock-your-socks off pink? I may have been overcome with the desire to have them and ordered them three seconds after I saw them online. Maybe. Perhaps.

In case you haven’t picked up on this trend, flower and rosette details are wildly popular for spring. You’ll see flowers adorning headbands, dresses, shirts, handbags and shoes. Literally, everything from head to toe!

Polka dots are also big for spring. Much to my ever-lasting joy, pencil skirts are still on the radar as well. I thought this skirt from JC Penney was so cute!

This spring’s fashions are so soft, feminine and lovely. I know that’s not everybody’s cup of tea, so I’m sorry to those of you who hate all the girlieness. But for those of us who love it – Woohoo! There is a lot of great stuff out there to choose from!

She Who is Lovin’ Spring’s Fashions

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Well, it is that time of year when invitations to costume parties pop up. Or maybe you’ll be dressing up for Trick-or-Treaters or participating in a costume contest at work.

I don’t know about you, but as soon as I realize I need to find a costume, I hit the panic button.

It was all great fun as a kid plotting out what costume to wear for Halloween. My Mom used to make a lot of them for me. I remember one year going as a black cat. She took the fur collar off an old coat and made it look like a tail and created this black jumpsuit like thing complete with fur around the neck and black gloves.

It was pretty cool. Except for the plastic face mask. I hated those things. How were you supposed to see out of the little eye slits? Especially when it was cold outside and your mother insisted on tying your hood tightly around your head so the mask sat all gee-gawed? Everyone knew you were only going to wear the mask for the first 10 minutes anyway because by then you would have tripped up three sets of steps, over two dogs and stepped on four cats. All done with the mask.

As an adult, I’ve had some interesting costumes. Sure, it is fast and easy to buy a ready-made costume but I like mine to have a bit of character.

One year I bought a pair of red and white striped knee socks and went as Mrs. Claus. I think passing out the peppermint candy put it over the top because I won first prize at the contest that year. Another year I took the same obnoxious socks and made a Raggedy Ann Costume. No need for a coat with that one because after you get all the layers on, you are plenty warm. Believe me. And for the record… a grown up looks pretty dorky in a pinafore.

If you like fairy tales, Alice from Wonderland seems to be popular in the costume arena this year. I once made a  blue gingham dress and went as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. The mistake I made was wearing the dress after Halloween and one of the guys I worked with called me Dorothy for days afterward.

Some other interesting costumes I’ve seen are leaning toward the insect category. Can’t you picture yourself as a bumble bee, or a spider, or maybe a lady bug?

Yeah… me neither.

But you could go as a fairy. There are oodles of fairy costumes and props available.

I actually thought this one was pretty cute.

You could fall back on old standards like a witch, a ghost or a bag lady.

Flappers are an easy costume to put together. I  went as one to a party last summer. Then again, that may not have been the best costume since I was asked by more than one person if I was supposed to be a hoo… oh, never mind.

If you are hosting a party around Halloween and want to include a costume contest, it can add a new level of excitement and fun to your party. Choose three prizes and have the attendees vote on the best, the most creative, weirdest or funniest. Take 5 to 10 minutes during your party and have everyone take a turn being the center of attention then pass out slips of paper for voting. Or you could go on crowd reaction or just choose three to five people to serve as judges.

However you decide to dress up this year, keep it in good taste and have fun with it!

Happy Entertaining!

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Since it is fashion week, since I got to go shopping (briefly) this past weekend and since I’m just honest to goodness excited about the styles available this fall, I decided to share some of my favorite fashion finds today.

Because I’m such a fashionista, you know.  (I can hear you laughing from here…) When I was 13, my idea of fashion was to go wild and throw a pair of black Levi 501s into the mix of blue ones that completely made up my wardrobe. I’d like to think I’ve made great strides since then! Please don’t shatter my delusions if I’m wrong. I don’t think I can handle it.

Anyway, in case you haven’t heard, gray is the must-have color for fall. This is fantastic if gray matches your skin tones and makes you look like a million bucks. For those of us who suffer from looking like a specter of death when we wear gray – great news! All the popular jewel tones this fall will help you carry it off!

I love this light gray top with the rosette detail. You could actually hit two fashion trends with it – gray and roses. Both are extremely popular. Fortunately, there are many shades of gray to choose from to find the one that works best for you: pewter, silver, slate, charcoal, blue-grays, green-grays, pink-grays. Explore them all and have fun with it!

I am in love with this rose-print blouse. I have a thing for roses… and rose prints… and soft fabrics… and lovely colors. Are you sensing a pattern here? It is so fun to see florals back in tops, skirts and dresses.

And speaking of florals, there are so many cute accents out this fall. I love the rose at the waist on this awesome outfit. Cute pencil skirt, slim silhouette, beautiful royal purple top with peplum sweater. Now if only it would look like that when I put it on, I’d be completely sold!

This is another great example of the slim  silhouette, highlighted by the pencil skirt and cute floral detailing at the waist. The black gloves and handbag finish the outfit with some great pizzazz. Can we please bring back gloves and handbags? Please? If I start wearing them will anyone else join me?

Pencil Skirts – you must have at least one! These look good on anyone. Classy, sassy, flirty. Take your pick and step out in style this fall. The three pictured are all different and very fun. I may have given in to temptation and purchased one of the skirts above in my whirlwind shopping expedition recently.

Ruffles are still rolling strong for fall and that couldn’t make me any happier. Although there is a certain member of my household who has made some rather negative comments about ruffles, I still adore them. I adored them so much I bought this sweater. What you can’t see here is the super-cute detailing in the back. Lightweight and lovely, I can’t wait to wear this!

Zipper details are still going strong. This sweet little black dress has some really fun leather and zipper trim.

Which brings me to the next fashion trend for fall – leather. This leather jacket is so cute with the ruffled detailing on the front. Leather jackets, leather skirts, leather coats, leather belts, leather boots… so many choices.

Boots are another fall fashion staple.  Cuffs are the unexpected accent that adds a whole new level of style to footwear. There are also “Shooties” that can’t decide if they are a boot or a shoe. The jury is still out on if we like these or not, although the one above is pretty cute.

Last, but certainly not least, is this corset belt. See, did you catch the name of it? Although I’m not quite willing to decide corsets should make a return, I really like this 5-inch wide leather belt. I’m thinking it might be able to cinch in whatever the Spanx can’t take care of.

What are your favorites for fall? Which styles or colors do you like? Feel free to share your thoughts here!

Happy Shopping!

The wanna-be Fashionista

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The word of the week is intervention:




the act or fact of intervening.

I was flipping through a magazine this weekend and one page had photos of celebrities attending a snazzy New York event. The photos showed lots of smiling faces in beautiful cocktail dresses and evening gowns. Except for one.

This one particular celeb looked like she had been attacked by a flock of crazed flamingos. I kid you not. Really, I could not make this up. Her long flowing gown was covered in what looked like pink feathers. Nevermind that the dress was clearly designed for someone much, much smaller. Nevermind that the pink feather trail looked like she was about to be swallowed by a punch-doused Big Bird.  Nevermind that the whole thing was a hideous spectacle.

The thought I couldn’t get out of my head was “Who let her go out on stage dressed like that?” Seriously, there had to be someone there who considered staging an intervention, burying the flamingo frock and finding something much better suited to the celeb and the event. Where was that person?

I know there are times I could use a little intervention.


Like when it comes to chocolate, shoes, party planning, chocolate, shopping in general, chocolate, cleaning and chocolate, I’m pretty sure I could occasionally use an intervention.

And I am begging and pleading with my friends to please intervene if I ever put on something that looks like it has been mauled by a large pink bird. Please don’t let me out the door. Please.

Thanks forever!


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The other day I received a catalog in the mail. A glance at the cover convinced me it belonged to someone else and got stuck in my mailbox by mistake. When I looked at the mailing label, though, it confirmed this particular catalog was mailed to me.

The people who sent it have no idea who they sent it to. At all. Completely clueless.

The first thing I noticed was this on the cover.

So what defines a Goddess? And because you are a Goddess these people are going to be nice enough not to charge you extra for being so special. Isn’t that great?

Then I started thumbing through the catalog. Here are some highlights of the things you will never see me wear. Ever. Even on Halloween or for a very dark and disturbed costume contest.

For those nights when you want to be the star of the show.

So you can announce it to the world and people can run before you get to close.

When you really feel the need to cinch it all in.

Specially designed for those rainy days when you feel like wearing skulls and roses to splash through the puddles. That's right, these are rubber boots.

Daisy Mae takes a walk on the dark side.

Butterfly Sunglasses. For the ultra elite Diva who has everything else.

My personal favorite - the Purple Spider Web Shoes. Wouldn't these look great with... Still thinking on that one.

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