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Eighteen years ago today, Captain Cavedweller and I stood before family and friends, exchanged vows and pledged our love to one another.

I could go all sappy on you here and tell you the million reasons I am grateful  to be married to Mr. Cavedweller.

Instead, I’ll say the following about my beloved:

He is my best friend.

He makes me laugh all the time.

He is my number one cheerleader and encourager of my dreams.

He is an honest, good man.

He spoils me.

He melts my heart daily.

He loves me deeply and unconditionally.

Captain Cavedweller is a blessing I am grateful for daily. I know that, after 18 years, we are both wonderfully blessed to be able to honestly say we are more in love with each other today than we were when we we wed. I thought we couldn’t love each other a drop more then and that was literally a drop in the bucket compared to how much I love him now.

I love you, My Captain.

Happy Anniversary!

She Who Is More than a Bit Smitten with Her Husband

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Wedded Bliss

Seventeen years ago today, Hubby and I stood before family and friends and vowed to love, honor and cherish each other for the rest of our lives.

I could go all sappy on you here at this point, but I’ll try to restrain myself.

What I will say is that when you marry the person you are meant to be with, the person who understands you, who loves you unconditionally, who touches your heart and soul in ways no one else can… 17 years flies by really fast.

The holiday season is extra special to us not only because we wed the week before Christmas but also because we met the day after Christmas.

Hubby’s Dad and my Dad knew each other and after much ill-fated conspiring on their parts, they finally convinced us to go on a blind date. It just happened that the day after Christmas was on a Saturday.

Hubby got lost and showed up late  (even though at that time I lived less than a mile away from him). I was ready to call the whole thing off until he showed up at my door and set my heart aflutter. It has been fluttering ever since.

So to my beloved, my Captain Cavedweller, He who melts my heart daily –  Happy Anniversary!

I love you!

Your Girl

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