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If you’re looking for a fun little way to say I love you, how about making a Heart Message Board you can leave love notes on all week.

heart board finished 1

Using contact paper and dry erase markers, you can change the message every day.

heart board ingredientsI found this roll of marvelous contact paper at the dollar store. Sometimes the things I find there are quite surprising. You’ll need contact paper, a piece of cardboard, ribbon, trim, glue, scissors and a nail.

heart board cut to sizeMeasure a piece of contact paper to completely cover the cardboard. Leave the side edges long.

heart board taper edge

Cover the front of the cardboard and fold edges around to back. Trim the side pieces at an angle so when you fold them in, they taper out from the center  (like an envelope) and won’t show. I like layering the edges in the center because it keeps the paper from coming loose from the cardboard.

heart board coveredIt should look like this when you finish. Nice and smooth with no wrinkles.

heart board glue trimNext, glue your trim on in a heart-shape. I placed mine then glued a little section at a time. You can use plain white glue, craft glue or hot glue, your choice. I used white glue and held it in place with push pins until it dried.

heart board nailUse a nail to poke two holes, one in each top corner, for the ribbon.

Heart board ribbon cornerAdd the ribbon and knot each end in the back. Trim off excess.

heart board sharpieIf you want, you can write something like “Love You Because” in permanent marker and draw a line then fill in the blank every day, or leave the whole thing blank and write a message every day. Just remember to use dry erase markers for what you want to be able to change daily.

You could also use this as a big Valentine card and could write the message in permanent ink.

heart board finishedYou can hang it up for your true love to see each morning or give it to them as a gift.

She Who Loves Heartsy-Crafts

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I realize Valentine’s Day came and went a full week ago.

But things have been a bit busy … and hectic … and crazy.

The animals next door and in our yard have apparently been imbibing in some sort of act-like-a-lunatic juice.

Anyway, I just had to share the lovely, lovely things my very own Captain Cavedweller spoiled me with for Valentine’s Day.

He started the Saturday before with  a dozen red roses and one of my favorite magazines.

Valentine’s morning he gave me a gift-wrapped little box containing a sweet paper weight for my new office (I moved offices a two weeks ago and am enamored with my new space!).


Then on Valentine’s Day, these delicious chocolates were delivered to my office.


Along with these beautiful roses. I can’t tell you how much I love the color!

And if my heart wasn’t already in a melted puddling state by the time I got home, he finished me off with this Floating Hearts Bowl from Lenox.

Which you will note matches the vase he gave me for Christmas.

It is any wonder I like my Hubby – a whole bunch?

I didn’t think so…

She who is spoiled and likes it that way!


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Each year about this time, I start to go into a mode of semi-panic trying to think of a special gift for  Captain Cavedweller, my beloved Hubby, He.

As I mentioned before Christmas, he is nearly impossible to shop for.  What to buy for a guy who’s main hobby is tormenting his wife, who is outdoorsy and extremely picky?

I did some researching online and I found a whole boatload of things not to buy him. Like the matching monogrammed pillowcases. The his and hers mugs. Satin boxers emblazoned with hearts. A heart-shaped key chain. Nope, those won’t do at all!

So here are some gifts my Hubby might actually appreciate… maybe, sort of. Oh, I surely hope so!

One of my favorite new places to shop (and play) online is Shutterfly. I made a book for my Dad for his 80th birthday and he was nearly beside himself excited about it. The quality is amazing and the design options are nearly limitless. Shipping time is a few quick days. I can’t tell you how much fun I’ve had with this. What a great way to say I love you by creating a photo or memory book for your sweetheart. I may or may not have gotten completely sappy and made one for Hubby.

If your one true love is into puzzles, you can create a really awesome gift at Personalization Mall with a photo puzzle. There are many shapes, sizes and options available to customize your gift.

Links 2 Love has some really interesting and unique gift ideas. I thought this one was especially wonderful. It looks like a credit card but is a Frequent Kisser Reward Card that can be redeemed for one hug or kiss anytime. How sweet is that?

You know that old saying ” the way to a man’s heart of through his stomach?” I know several men, He included, who make that old saying accurate! This awesome cookie bouquet can be found at Valentine Cookie Recipes. I know one of Hubby’s favorite cookies are sugar cookies. They are easy to make and so very tasty. So whip up a batch for your honey, cut them in heart shapes and decorate.  Or write a sweet message on the cookie for your Valentine and watch his heart melt (after he has time to consider the message as he’s brushing off the crumbs of the cookie he consumed in 5.6 seconds).

Think about things he-who-makes-your-heart-pound would enjoy and I know you’ll find just the right gift!

Happy Valentine’s Gift Shopping!

She who is way too sappy

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If you are going to be entertaining for Valentine’s Day or just want to add a pop of red to your home decor, here are some ideas to create a little love:

  • Add a red pillow to your couch or loveseat.
  • Mix reds with neutrals like beige, tan, cream, white or black for the biggest “Wow” factor.
  • Mix plain white serving pieces and dishes with a few red pieces for elegant flair.
  • Fill a white bowl with red candies, put red candles on a white plate or fill a glass container with red jelly beans for a fun accent.
  • Inexpensive fabric can be trimmed with pinking shears (to avoid fraying) and layered in a buffet setting to create a stunning  backdrop for your food.
  • Mix red with colors that get you thinking outside the box like sage green or Chinese blue or gold for strong impact.
  • Make a heart-shaped pillow and place on your bed. (Cut a heart pattern out of paper, trace onto felt, “stitch” with a satin ribbon, stuff and finish with a bow.)

If you are looking for a way to charm your sweetheart, think about making a card. With all the resources available in software programs and online, it is fairly easy to come up with something fun and whimsical or  beautiful and sweet. Whatever you create, make sure the message is from your heart.

Another great gift for the love of your life is an edible Valentine. Any cookie cut into a heart shape can serve as a great “I Love You.” A giant sugar cookie, a brownie covered in red sprinkles or even a heart-shaped pancake can all be delicious ways to convey your love.

However you celebrate and whatever you do, just remember to be sincere, to be real and let those who love know how very much they mean to you.

Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Entertaining!

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