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Here is a wild and crazy party idea…. have a Turkey Day Test Run Party!

You know there are several dishes you’d like to try before Thanksgiving. Like that new stuffing recipe or the new pie your friend has been raving about.

Plan a casual buffet party, making all the dishes you want to try out, invite over a few friends and have a taste test to see which ones get a thumbs up and which ones get a thumbs down.

By serving the food buffet style, you can keep things simple with an overlying theme of just getting together and having fun.

You can have ballot slips for each guest to fill out, rating each dish. You could even give a few prizes for “most creative descriptions” or “most valuable tester.” Keep the prizes simple like a fall-scented votive candle or a boxed single truffle.

The main idea is to get together with friends while trying out some new recipes. I think you’ll have a good time if you give it a try!

She Who Needs to Plan a Test Run Party

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