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When Captain Cavedweller and I were on the coast, one place we went to eat not once, but twice, was Camp 18 in Elsie, Oregon.

The food is fantastic, the restaurant is pretty awe-inspiring and the museum and grounds are a lot of fun to explore.

Told you it was impressive!

Camp 18 is a dream that began in the early 1970s when Gordon Smith started out with a few rusty pieces of equipment which led to the construction of the massive log cabin. He was joined by Maurie Clark, who had logging industry knowledge. All of the timber used in the building came from the surrounding area and was logged by Smith. Each log was hauled in, hand-peeled and draw-knifed with the help of his friends and family.

Once you walk inside the restaurant, its hard to miss the massive 85-foot ridge pole in the main room, the largest such structural member reported in the US. According to information from the restaurant, it weighed approximately 25 tons when cut and has 5,600 board of feed of lumber in it.

Another not to be missed feature are the hand-carved main doors cut from an old growth fir log. Each door is  4 1/2 inches thick and weighs 500 pounds. So that phrase “don’t let the door hit you on the way out”  you definitely don’t want hit with one of these.

The restaurant took its name from the logging operations in the area in the 1920s and 1930s. At that time, logging camps were numbered. Since the museum and restaurant at mile post 18, the name Camp 18 was chosen.

We sat by some big windows one morning and watched blue jays fight over the multitude of bird feeders outside. One evening, we cozied up to a table by the fireplace to chase away the evening chill.

You can roam the grounds, browse the gift shop and enjoy tasty, hearty-food here.

The Train Car

Table made from a large log.

The tower

This outdoor space was cool with the large logs used to construct it.

I particularly liked the wishbone look of this log.

You can even see a wooden-carved statue of Bigfoot, who apparently is quite popular in this neck of the woods. We did not, however, see him in any of our travels.

There is a creek just below the restaurant.

Where a mossy elephant lives.

And the landscaping was quite lovely.


More bright colors…

Gold and burgundy hues…

Beautiful red leaves…

Announcing fall has arrived!

If you ever find yourself traveling Highway 26 from Portland to the coast, stop in at Camp 18. You’ll be so glad you did!

She Who Loves Log Cabins in the Autumn Woods

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1. While on vacation, we went to a museum that showed how whale boning (which is actually baleen from a Baleen whale’s teeth) was used to provide the rigid structure in a corset. Between the front boning and the back lacing, a corset looked exactly like some old-fashioned, and quite often elegant, torture device for women.

2. I am so lucky to have been born long, long after corsets were commonly worn. This girl would not have done well laced into that contraption.

3. Car salesmen, no matter what city you are in, seem to share a lot in common.

4. When left with few options, lunch at Costco can be a tasty and popular choice.

5. Leaving doors open to your vacation rental on a warm afternoon is, apparently, an open invitation for wildlife to waltz right in.

6. Skylights in said vacation rental are the perfect place for uninvited birds to try to escape back outside.

7. Smart vacation rental owners leave ladders available for stupid renters who inadvertently let birds in the rental and have to retrieve them from 18-foot tall skylights.

8. Pie can be a great breakfast food.

9. The super-sized marshmallows burn just as fast as the regular sized marshmallows. Only the insides take longer to become molten under the charred outer crust.

10. I would not have made it as an adventurer with Lewis & Clark. Nope. Not at all.

She Who Is a Homebody

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