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The weather in our neck of the woods is miserable – cold, drizzly, freezing rain, fog.

It has caused the fuzzy little felines at our house to act even more abnormal than usual.

Miss Maizy (see photo above) comes charging out to the front yard as soon as she hears our car pull in the driveway. She barricades the front door, refusing to let us in, and loudly lets it be known that she is

1. starving to death

2. freezing to death

3. annoyed that we have let the above situations occur

Drooley, aka The Heinous Cat, does not voice his displeasure with us. He is much more subtle with his complaints.

It starts with a cold, steely glare in the kitchen window. If we ignore that, he moves to the patio door where he sits staring at us with narrowed eyes and twitching what remains of his left ear. He will then curl up in a sad little ball and pretend he is going to freeze to the door mat. At this point, Captain Cavedweller will take pity on him and open the door to pet him. Seeing an opportunity to escape into warmth, the cat will race on and plop himself down on the rug by CC’s chair. Flopping onto his side, he waits for the head and tummy rub that is sure to come.

CC is so easily manipulated by the felines. And they know it.

They have to work a little harder to get me to do their bidding. Although Maizy knows if she sits in the kitchen window and looks at me with big, sad, eyes it won’t take long for her to get what she wants.

Maybe I need to take a few lessons from the cats to use on CC…

She Who Has Crazy Cats

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Under normal circumstances, the two cats who rule the roost at our house don’t get along.

As in they smack each other every chance they get.

As in they don’t know the meaning of playing well with each other.

As in… they fight like cats and dogs minus the dogs.

After The Heinous Cat came home from his 12-day vacation (accidentally locked in the neighbor’s storage shed and none of us could find him), he and The Interloper seem to be getting along better. Mostly.

We’re having a humungous project done in our back yard right now which is disturbing to both cats and humans. While it has put this human on edge, it seems to have brought the two felines together in their combined efforts to not be killed or eaten by all the foreign monsters invading their space.

The Heinous Cat has not had any problem maintaining his aloof, disinterested act. Except I’m not sure it is an act. He’s got a bit of an ego thing going on, too.

“No autographs, please. My people will get with your people. Goodbye.”

The Interloper is much more friendly and loving, if not somewhat bizarre.

“Do you see me, Mama? I’m right here! See me! Hello! Pretty kitty here!”

When Maizy (The Interloper) leaned over close to Drooley (The Heinous Cat), past history has shown this is the point where he will raise his paw and slap her silly.

Only this time…

This time…

They kitty-kissed. It was completely out of character and so sweet.

Maybe I need to have my back yard demolished more often if it will make these two get along.

She Who Has Melted in a Puddle

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Just a few weeks ago, The Heinous Cat disappeared. I wrote about him coming home, much to our everlasting relief after being on the lam for 12 days.

Due to some very disturbing activity in our backyard the past few days, we’ve been wondering just exactly where he went and what he did while he was gone.

In just the past two days we have counted six, that’s right, SIX,  stray cats trying to make themselves at home. At first we thought we were seeing things, but nope, a head count revealed six extra cats. All big and way too friendly to be wild.

With The Heinous Cat and Miss Maizy, we really don’t want any more cats around, but the drop-in guests have been a bit reluctant to leave.

We are wavering between two theories.

1. The Heinous Cat was tired of only having Miss Maizy to swat at and be mean to so he went on a crusade to recruit some new blood. He told them it was a real happening party at his house, offering up incentives to get them to come. Unfortunately, his new recruits could all slap him into next Thursday without even blinking.

2. The Heinous Cat got lost and at every house he came to he told the resident cat about how much he missed his home and his Mama and his Captain Cavedweller. He cried about how they took such good care of him and he just wanted to find his way back home. It got the cats he talked to thinking about checking out some digs where all they are expected to do is eat, sleep and occasionally wander over for a nice back rub or head pet and they decided to come check it out.

3. Someone had way too many cats and decided to drive out in the country and dump them and they somehow ended up at our house.

Yeah, I’m going with theory number one myself.

Anyone need six stray cats?

She Who Doesn’t Like Felines Enough to Need Eight of Them

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I know I promised Valentine-themed posts all week, so I hope you’ll pardon this interruption…  but our kitty came home!

The Heinous Cat went missing twelve days ago. As in nowhere to be found. As in gone. As in two heart-broken adults who missed his fuzzy little being quite dreadfully.

Yesterday, my neighbor let me know that her daughter thought she saw the cat in the “nature area” behind her school. On our way home from work, Captain Cavedweller and I went to the school and stomped around in the dark looking for the cat for a good thirty minutes. It was freezing outside, which would be why when I said “we” I mean “he,” while I sat in the car and kept watch.

Disappointed when no cat turned up, we went home. Moping, Captain Cavedweller opened the back door to feed Miss Maizy, the cat who lives at our house part time, and there sat The Heinous Cat. We were beyond thrilled. I’d even go so far to say Captain Cavedweller looked like a kid who just got the best Christmas present ever.

The Heinous Cat was skinny and filthy, but not too much the worse for wear for his wild adventures. His Mama would really like to know where he has been for nearly two weeks, but the stubborn little feline isn’t talking.

We’d also love to know how he got home. I’ve yet to connect with our neighbor to see if we are forever in their debt.

However it happened, we are just really glad the cat is back home. He has been grounded, scolded, petted, cuddled and told he can never go off wandering again. We hope this time he’ll listen.

She Who Is Glad to Have the Cat Back

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