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The party go-ers.

Hubby and I drove four hours one way last weekend so I could attend a Tea Party being held by some of my favorite cousins.

Hubby’s incentive was to escape to one of his favorite stores where he could drool over guns and hunting gear without an uninterested female tagging along asking inane questions or spouting off stupid jokes about the store in general.

We both were quite pleased with the arrangement!

My cousins Twylia, Nancy and Bonnie played host to all the women in the family for an afternoon tea party. It was marvelous. We all converged in Twylia’s new home, which has a fantastic view, and spent two hours chatting, laughing, bonding and catching up with one another.

Then there was the food! Scones, quiche, fresh fruit that was so flavorful, tea sandwiches and decadent desserts as well as some really tasty tea! The table was set beautifully. The three hostesses pulled out their mom’s  china and tea sets. It was so special to use those dishes because it made it seem like a little bit of Aunt Louise was there enjoying the party right along with us.

We all were asked to wear a hat and that in itself was a hoot. Those who didn’t have hats were able to choose one from a vintage collection Nancy borrowed from a friend.

Aunt Robbie

I think my most wonderful Aunt Robbie had the best hat: stylish, sassy, and spunky – just like her.

Nancy and her nieces.

Young and old alike gathered. Nancy is so much fun, even the younger crowd catches her enthusiasm.

Then there were those who just can’t be serious. Ever. These are my kind of people to hang out with!

I really mean ever.

I hope when I am nearing 80 that I have as much fun as Aunt Robbie. She really is an inspiration! And Julie, Sweet Julie, is always loads of fun.

I highly recommend spending time with your favorite group of girls. It really does your heart good. Thank you to all who attended and made the afternoon fun and especially to Twylia, Nancy and Bonnie for hosting!
Your Devoted Tea Drinker,


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