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Around this time of the summer, I start dreaming of being somewhere tropical and wonderful versus somewhere that the lawn needs mowed, the housework needs some attention and someone needs to go to the grocery store. Again.

So to compensate for the fact that fresh pineapple is about as close to an exotic location as I’m going to get, I like to fill my home with some fun fragrances.

Three of my favorites are:

Sage & Citrus from Yankee Candle

Island Nectar from Bath & Body Works

Tropical Spice by Bath & Body Works

And when I just need a little extra tropical boost, I grab a tube of this:

Tahiti Sweetie from Bath & Body Works

I inhale it deeply, slather too much of it on and pretend I’m sitting in a chair somewhere close to the beach.

What is your favorite summer candle or lotion scent?

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