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Jennifer Fong

I’m sending this week’s shout-out to Jennifer Fong, a social media guru, fantastic teacher and all around extremely helpful and upbeat person.

I just took a Social Media Marketing training course with Jennifer this morning and, as always, she provided great tips and information about how to spend your time effectively and successfully in social media outlets.

My first connection with Jennifer was a year ago. I took a six-week course she offered as an introduction to social media. She taught the class about blogging (yes, you can thank her for inspiring me to post my ramblings here), Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. She provides solid, easy to follow guidelines that anyone can understand and implement.

If you are trying to build an online presence or just want to get a handle on what this whole social media thing is about, Jennifer is an excellent resource.

Check out her website here for great tips and information on doing social media right.

She is offering a fantastic Facebook class in June. For details about it, look here.

Thanks, Jennifer, for being providing useful information that is so very helpful!

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Starting today, I am going to post a weekly shout-out about someone who has done something that is remarkable, interesting or deserves to have others know just what a spiffy person they are!

This week my shout-out goes to Loren Jennings. He is one of those rare individuals who “gets” the entire concept of networking and relationship building.

Loren has started two meeting groups to bring people together to share ideas, support each other and learn about networking efficiently and effectively. Beyond that, Loren is just a nice guy who truly cares about people.

You can learn more about Loren from his Linked In profile, found here.

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