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The other day I was having the most fascinating conversation with a 5-year-old.  After sharing cooking tips, we moved right into fashion.

Me: “I really like your shirt.”

Her: “My friend gave it to me.”

Me: “It is fun having a friend like that, isn’t it?”

Her: “Yes! And she knows my name!”

She was most excited not about the clothes that her little friend shares, but about the fact that her friend knows her name. That really got me thinking about the people I know and if I truly know their name.

I know their names in the literal sense, but what do I know about the person attached to that name? When a certain name comes to mind, does it conjure up just a face in my mind of that person, or is there a  treasure trove of data that comes along with that name? Even better, does that name stir up any emotion?

If I make an honest assessment, there are many names I am familiar with in that I recognize them and know what person they belong to, but I don’t truly know them. I don’t know them in the sense of what is important to them, what makes them smile, what makes them cry, what drives them to get out of bed each day, what stirs their creativity and sparks their passion?

When you peel away all the layers of social dictates, political correctness, ingrained behaviors and quirks, most of us find at the core a being who wants to be known by others for who they are and the unique gifts they bring to the table.

Think about your friends, family and acquaintances. When you gather with them, who brings you the most joy? The ones you don’t know very well or those you truly know?  I’ve said it before, and will most likely say it again, but relationships are everything.

As you set about entertaining this year, make your guest list a challenge of sorts by mixing together those you know with those you have yet to know. You’ll find in getting to know them, you’ll be richly blessed.

Happy Entertaining!

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linda-mccormickI just returned from the Entertaining at Home National Sales Conference in Milwaukee. It was a trip with several firsts for me – first major league baseball game, first taste of deep fried cheese curds (did not expect to become completely addicted to them!), first GermanFest, first spy-themed costume party, and my first sales-achievement award.

All those firsts were fun and exciting but not what I’ll remember most when I look back on the trip. What gave me the best memories were not the things, but the people.

I know I’ve said it before, but it truly is all about the relationships. Here were hundreds of independent consultants who have nothing to gain in their personal sales from helping each other out, but they were sharing all their best tips and ideas with others. They open their arms and make newcomers feel welcome while reaching out in warmth to old friends.

The warmth and generosity went well beyond the consultants right up to the corporate staff and encompassed the company founders, who are most definitely “the real deal.” (Thanks again, Bill and Robin, for sharing the taxi!).

When you entertain – even if it is just your immediate family, keep the relationships at the forefront. There are dozens of things you can do to enhance the entertaining experience but at the heart of it all is the relationships.

That warmth of heart and kindness of spirit are what people will remember. Focus on that and you will undoubtedly be the host others love to be around!

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