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Last night for dinner we had frozen eggs and scrambled popsicles.


I mean scrambled eggs and frozen popsicles.

See, between washing all of Captain Cavedwellers winter wear and the heat that is suffocating me in our air-conditioner-less house, I can’t think straight. Or sideways. Or any other way.

So last night for dinner, after slowly melting into a mass of overheated sluggishness, Captain Cavedweller decided to whip together some dinner. Seriously, we ate eggs and popsicles. And then had seconds on popsicles.

Since I am incapable of stringing together my thoughts long enough to take photos and post a recipe, I will direct you to a recipe on The Pioneer Woman’s website.

For some reason, it is the only thing that sounds even remotely appealing today.

Enjoy and Happy Friday!

She Who Must Buy a Watermelon Today

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I wandered into the family room the other evening to find Captain Cavedweller sucking down his fifth, yeah – that’s  right FIFTH, Otter Pop of the day. Granted, he spends the bulk of every day out in the hot sun and comes home in need of something cool and refreshing. But this may have gone too far. Maybe.

He could at least eat a real Popsicle instead of the plastic filled tubes of frozen liquid sugar. The whole thing is so… unsportsman-like. Not summery. Icky. There is just something wrong with sucking on a plastic tube. It seems so uncivilized.

And while I’m on a rant today, I’d like to know what happened to the old-fashioned kind of popsicles. You know, the kind that came on two sticks?

I was going to prove to Captain Cavedweller how much better my frozen sugar on a stick was than his tube-filled thingies. Only I couldn’t find my popsicles anywhere. Believe me I’ve looked. The closest I could find was a box of single popsicles on one stick. But at least they had my favorite flavors of banana and rootbeer.

Captain Cavedweller can’t even identify the flavors he is inhaling. He brought a yellow tube for me to sniff to see if I could determine the flavor. I started to tell him exactly what I thought it smelled like and decided I better behave myself.

“Pineapple,” I said. “Definitely pineapple.”

So as the battle lines are drawn down the middle of our freezer this summer with Otter Pops on one side and sad little single stick Popsicles on the other, what kind of frozen treats are in your freezer?

She Who Still Thinks Popsicles are Best

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