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My Wednesday Shout-Out this week is going to Pillsbury’s website. You can find it right here.

I really like this site beyond the obvious reason that the cute little Pillsbury Dough Boy hangs here. How can you not like him? He’s doughy and sweet and looks like he has been known to indulge in some good food on more than a passing occasion. That last part is where I really feel a kinship to him.

Anyhooooo, I have found a number of great recipes on their website, especially at the last minute when I was searching for a new appetizer recipe.  I’ve yet to find a recipe that had ingredients I couldn’t find or so many steps that it looked impossible to complete. It is simple, easy to follow cooking and ideas – and that is what I truly like about it.

So if you are searching for something different to make, pop on over to their website at www.pillsbury.com and check it out! And wave to the Dough Boy for me.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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