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1. It definitely looks like fall in our neighborhood today. How did so many of the trees don entirely new coats of color overnight?

2. Because it looks like fall, I just want to stay home, drink spicy tea (thanks, Brandi) and sit by the fire like a warm, lazy slug.

3. I spent the entire weekend repainting my bathroom. A project that should have taken two hours, in my head. Things are sparkly, lovely and completely delusional in my head.

4. Because I spent the entire weekend repainting my bathroom, polishing, scrubbing and putting things back to rights, the rest of my house looks like a stage 3 disaster zone.

5. My BFF brought me pumpkins yesterday afternoon.

6. Because she caught me in the midst of my project, I was completely disoriented by the fumes and even more loopy than usual. I didn’t even ask her to stay long enough for a cup of tea.

7. Captain Cavedweller bought me the most wonderful rug for the bathroom for my birthday.

8. Because of that blasted rug that didn’t match my walls, I had to repaint the bathroom. Which was so much easier than returning the rug for a different color.

9. I’m trying to meet my self-imposed deadline of finishing my two holiday books before Halloween.

10. Because of my self-imposed deadline, I don’t see the disaster in my house getting any better anytime soon. In fact it may get worse as I make the final recipes for my holiday entertaining book and snap some photos.

She Who Isn’t Quite Ready For It To Be Monday

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After posting The Pioneer Woman’s recipe for Watermelon Granita Friday, I couldn’t stop thinking about how tasty it looked. So I bought a melon and made a small batch on Saturday.

We ate it all.

Not a bit left.

It was that good.

If you love watermelon, give this a try. It is fast, easy and very tasty.

Captain Cavedweller found a bag of authentic two-stick old fashioned popsicles at our local Safeway. I nearly cried when he brought them home and handed them to me. Hello, frozen sugar on two-sticks. I missed you so.

Despite the fact that I know I can sunburn in a matter of minutes, despite the fact that I constantly remind CC to put on sunscreen, despite the fact that even the cats tried keep me from staying outside too long, I stayed outside too long. And am sunburned. And lobster like. And ready to crawl in our big chest freezer. I may need to find somewhere else to store my beloved popsicles.

How was your weekend?

She Who Is A Bit Toasty Today

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