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My Wednesday shout-out this week goes to my niece Katie. She is a 7-year-old version of human bubbles, taking her own sunshine with her wherever she goes.

I really, really love this kid. A smile or hug from her, and all is right in the world.

I learned a great lesson from her recently. As an end of school activity, her class was participating in some races and Katie was excited about running in a foot race.

The morning of the race she informed her mom at breakfast that she was going to win because she planned to start out in front and keep running, that way when the other kids got tired she would run ahead and win.

You know what? That is exactly what she did. Katie is proud of the medal she won for coming in first in the race.

I’m quite proud of her for winning, but also for learning so young what it takes to succeed – belief in yourself and the willingness to persevere when others would quit.

There are many times I could start my day with Katie’s attitude of believing I can accomplish my goal and then moving forward with unrelenting determination.

Congratulations, Katie! Job well done!

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