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This week’s Wednesday Shout-Out goes to Send Out Cards.

If you haven’t checked out the company yet  – or even heard of them – look here.

Send Out Cards offers people an affordable way to send greeting cards quickly. You can literally log in, choose a card, write a note, and hit send in scant minutes. The card is printed, placed in an envelope, addressed and sent with a real stamp to your recipient. Most cards will cost you less than $1.

This service makes it possible to act on those thoughts that flit through our heads like “I should send Susy a note to thank you for the gift basket,” or “I should send a card to Jill. She’d been having a hard time and I want her to know we are here for her.” You get the idea. Most of us think we’ll remember to send that thank you note or thinking of you card later. But later never comes, the notes go unsent and time passes on.

I love this service because it makes it fast and easy for me to send a thank you, a birthday card or even an “I’m thinking of you” greeting. I don’t know about you but I love getting cards and notes in the mail. There is just something extra special when you look through the pile of junk mail, bills and catalogs and see an envelope from a friend.

You can give Send Out Cards a trial run by signing up for a free gift account and seeing what it is all about!

Have fun!

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