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Captain Cavedweller and I ran away for the weekend to a big city. It was wonderful and special and just what we needed after a particularly challenging week.

1. In the city, the sight of people playing music on street corners never ceases to make me think that I’d never have the chutzpa to do such a thing – even if I had any marketable musical talent.

2. In the city, they have things like multi-level shopping malls, where yours truly sighs in bliss before frantically trying to hit as many stores as possible in a very brief amount of time.

3. In the city, we get to eat at one of our favorite restaurants and I devour their chicken marsala and chocolate mousse cake with glee.

4. In the city, we strolled around the park, watched the water rushing from the spring run-off down the river and your truly wished she had packed a coat. That spray-filled air was cold. Bitingly so.

5. In the city, we stayed at a hotel across the parking lot from a mall. It made me sigh in bliss again as I ran from the hotel across the parking lot, dragging CC along for the ride.

6. In the city, CC got to spend an hour or so wandering his favorite store left alone by me. I took my Kindle and sat reading in front of a display of wild animals. I hope the grizzly bear fully enjoyed the romance novel I was reading.

7. In the city, CC stopped to get hot, fresh doughnuts that made the trip home somewhat challenging with the smell of maple bars filling the car.

8. At home, piles of laundry waited, hungry cats meowed at the back door, the mess in our backyard hadn’t magically disappeared and we momentarily considered running away again.

She Who Enjoys a Good Escape

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