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Ever had guests over for an outdoor meal and couldn’t figure out a way to serve individual bottles of beverages?  You wanted to create an elegant atmosphere and pulling out a cooler for the drinks just didn’t seem to go with your theme.

One fun and easy way to keep beverages cold while maintaining a classic look to your event is with party buckets.

You can purchase buckets from companies like Entertaining at Home, at department stores or even use containers you may already own. Think outside the box and see what you can come up with.

If your theme has more of a casual or western tone, think about using a small wash tub. You can find these at feed supply stores. Tie the handles with a raffia bow and it fits right into a country theme.

Big planters or flower pots can also be put into service. Make sure they are sparkling clean then fill with ice. These could work well with most any theme.

A child’s wagon is also a fun way to present beverages. Again, just fill with ice, tie the handle with a ribbon and you are set.

If you can find a party bucket on a stand, that is even better!  The stand allows any condensation to drip down and frees up table space for more important things… like chocolate.

Be creative and have fun with this. You can be as elegant or as whimsical as you desire!

Happy Entertaining!


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