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I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas with lots of good cheer, memorable moments and warm blessings.

Ours was very quiet and low key – finished off with some very tasty prime rib.

My True Love always gets me interesting gifts that I would never expect and this year was no exception.

In addition to a pink Browning pocket knife and pink binoculars (I asked if had had some outdoors survival experience planned for me and I got a blank look, so I’m taking that as a definite no which is a good thing. Me + Roughing it = Much Misery for all involved.) I received a Pink BB Gun.

I felt a bit like Ralphie with warnings not to shoot somebody’s eye out as we set up a target in the backyard and I fired away. I have to admit, it was a lot of fun to shoot and as soon as the weather cooperates, I will probably take it back out and see what damage I can do to our targets. I can’t wait for spring when I have dozens of pellets to pick up out of the yard!

On the opposite end of the gun/knife/outdoorsy spectrum, Captain Cavedweller gave me a watch.

Not just any watch.

But a decidedly feminine girly-girl watch that I absolutely love.

His gift-buying thought processes are more than this girl can follow. But I do think the watch is the perfect accessory to wear while I’m toting the rifle and wielding my knife!

She Who Loves Gifts from CC

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