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It’s Monday.

It’s raining.

The weekend flew by way too fast and due to that fact, all I’ve got for you is a list of all the reasons why I feel completely discombobulated today.

1. Captain Cavedweller’s Mom called yesterday morning and left a message that his uncle had been mugged. By the time we returned her call after church and then waited for her to get home and call us back the panic had subsided and he was on his way home from the hospital. Remind me to not move to the town where he lives in Arkansas.

2. I put on my armor of long-sleeved sweatshirt, heavy jeans and elbow-length leather gloves to do battle with my rose bushes Saturday.  Due to multiple scratches, puncture wounds and one thorn still embedded in my finger, I think they came out ahead.  I look like I “wrastled a bobcat,” as my grandpa would have said, and lost.

3. CC turned into a slave-driving maniac and made me help him dig up all 973 bricks that line our backyard flower beds. We are getting ready to have our entire septic system and drain field replaced and anything we want to save had to be piled somewhere safe until the work is finished. I’ll share more on this awful project soon.

4. I made two new recipes this weekend. One involved tender beef, waffle fries and sour cream. The other involved bananas, cream and more cream. Both were a hit although my arteries are feeling a bit sluggish. I’ll post the recipes in a week or so.

5. Dirt clods exploding approximately 3.7 inches from where one obnoxious cat is doing something he ought not be doing causes said cat to jump approximately 3.7 feet into the air and run for cover. Not that I know about these things first hand.

Hoping you all have a great Monday!

She Who Needs One More Day of Weekend

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If you ask me why, I couldn’t give you any good reason I’m feeling particularly nostalgic today.

But I am.

And then I ran across this photo and it made it worse.

My brother Kim is dressed up and ready to go somewhere (if  I have my facts straight, it was his high school graduation.) My brother Doug got stuck holding me and my sister Shelley looks happy for whatever adventure lies ahead.

I love this photo for a variety of reasons.

• It is one of the few photos in existence that shows me with my three siblings. Doug married a year later and started his own family.

• I was cute then (I outgrew that stage pretty quickly).

• My two brothers aren’t paying any attention to the camera because they are both looking at me like I might spontaneously combust at any given moment.

• My sister and I are both looking at someone. That someone probably being my mom who was obviously doing a good job of making me smile.

• When I tell people I was an accidental afterthought to my parents’ first three kids, this clearly illustrates my point. Not everyone brings home a newborn when you already have three kids  who are 19. 17 and 14.

• You have to love the 1970s processing that makes Doug and Kim look like Oompa Loompas while Shelley looks ghost-like.

Sometimes, taking a little walk down memory lane is a good thing.

She Who Loves Old Family Photos

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