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With Father’s Day this coming Sunday, I thought I’d share a few recipes my good ol’ dad enjoys!

He always said he only likes two kinds of pie – hot or cold! So here are a few pie recipes. Make one for your dad or hubby and see if it doesn’t make them smile!

Chocolate Raspberry Ritz Pie

Cream Pie

Orange Dream Pie

Apple Pie

Lemon Meringue Pie

and you need a good recipe for pie crust…

Vodka Pie Crust

Happy Father’s Day!

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Thanks, Dad!

Why I have a mouth full of fillings...

See that basket full of candy? My Dad brought it to me last month when he and my mom came to visit for Mother’s Day.

Every single piece of tooth-decaying sweetness is something my Dad and I shared many times when I was growing up. You can read about  those adventures here.

I was impressed he not only brought me the candy, but that at 79-years-young he artfully arranged them himself. Not bad for a retired farmer!

My Dad - showing off his boots. Notice the hat cocked to one side. He still wears his hat like that. If I wore a hat, pretty sure I'd do the same thing. That's why Hubby doesn't let me have one.

As we celebrate Father’s Day this weekend, I wanted to say thank you to my daddy. There are so many things he taught me and so very many good memories I have of him. Summertime and my dad just go hand-in-hand. It was one of his busiest times on the farm, but also when I got to spend the most time with him.

I also have my dad to thank for making me an unrelenting optimist. Things will always look better tomorrow, something exciting is always coming around the corner and what’s the best that can happen? That is definitely from my dad.

My dad can also be given credit for the weird way I walk when I’m in a hurry. Catching a glimpse of myself in a store window the other day was not only an abrupt realization that I should never walk in a hurry, but that I walk just like my dad (which, to clarify, is great for a guy, not so great for a girl wearing platform espadrilles).

He can also take credit for my bizarre sense of humor, my love of stories, my sometimes strange fashion sense, my completely odd fascination with family history and my inability to eat spicy foods.

Then there is the sweet tooth issue. That is from my dad. He never met a dessert he didn’t like. He has been known to say that he only likes two kinds of pie: hot and cold.  It is true. Unlike Hubby, my dad will eat just about anything (minus the spicy food). But sweets are always high on the list. So thanks, Dad, for all the cavities – and all the great sweets I wouldn’t have had even during the no-chocolate years.

Thanks, Dad, for being a great father, for creating all the wonderful memories I have of you and fun times we spent together, for living a good life and for staying young-at-heart. You are the best!

Love ya!

Your “Sweet” Daughter

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In honor of Father’s Day, I’m dedicating today’s post to my wonderful Dad. Although nearing octogenarian status, he has managed to remain a kid at heart all these years.
Among the many things my Dad and I share is a sweet tooth. Growing up on a farm, I used to spend hours traipsing after Dad as he irrigated, worked fields, harvested, and ran to town for parts. When I was pretty small, he was renting an acreage just a few miles from our place. If we took the long way around to get there it meant driving past the little country store in our community. No trip was complete unless we made a stop. The store was dark inside with old wooden floors and was a fascinating blend of odors – spices coming from the meat case, cleaning supplies and candy. It was the candy that always got my particular attention.
Located directly behind the check-out counter was long set of shelves that you could walk all the way around, drooling over all sorts of sweet temptations. There were lemon drops, candy cigarettes, bubble gum and all kinds of chocolate. Some favorites that Dad and I liked to share were Neccos, Bit-O-Honey, Big Hunk and Butterrum Lifesavers. When it was hot, sometimes we skipped the candy and went right to the freezer for an ice cream sandwich or an icy cold bottle of Coca Cola.
Before we got out to the pickup, there was always the reminder of “now don’t tell your mother.” I’m sure Mom wondered how, with all her diligent policing of my toothbrushing activity, I always had so many cavities. But spilling the beans would have been the end of those great trips and all the sweets, so Dad and I both kept quiet.
Through the years, Dad and I shared a lot of candy. I was recently excited to see one of my very favorite candy bars – the Idaho Spud – is available online. http://www.idahospud.com/candy-idaho-spud-bar.php If you’ve never had a Spud Bar, you’ve got to try one. A soft, cocoa-flavored marshmallow center is dipped in dark chocolate then sprinkled with coconut. As good as it is at room temperature, they get even better when frozen.
Whenever I see Idaho Spuds or Neccos in a store, they remind me of my Dad and all the good times we had, especially in the summer.
So Happy Father’s Day, Daddy! And to all you Dads out there. May your day be one filled with all the things you enjoy the most!

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