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Angel Food Mini Cakes

The other day I needed to make a dessert for a meeting. My stove was still serving as the world biggest paperweight with the inability to do anything but take up space in my kitchen.

So I started racking my brain for something good that would not require me to bake or cook on the stovetop. What I came up with was something really easy and pretty tasty.

Ingredients for Assembling Angel Food Mini Cakes

Freshly Whipped Cream with Vanilla. Please ignore the fact that I'm sloppy and spilled vanilla extract all over the bottle and dribbled on the counter. Thank you.

Pretty little cakes, just waiting for filling.

The wait is over, filling is in place.

Ready for transport...

Ready to be eaten!

Angel Food Mini Cakes

Angel Food mini cakes

1 box of Jello Mousse Mix

Whipping Cream

Powdered Sugar

Vanilla Extract


Mix mousse according to package directions. Set aside. Use heavy cream and whip until it starts to form peaks. Add in a dash of vanilla extract and a sprinkling of powdered sugar. If you are using a small carton of cream, use about a 1/2 tsp. of vanilla and 1/4 cup of sugar. If you want to use something like Cool Whip  and save yourself the work of this step, go ahead. You’ll miss out on the fresh whipped cream flavor, but if you can live with it, so can I.

Rinse raspberries and gently pat dry on a paper towel.

If you like to slave over a hot stove, by all means, make your own angel food cakes. But I have to tell you, I found these little gems at Costco, pre-made and ready to go and they were excellent! Moist and flavorful and probably better than I could make. So I have decided to embrace the pre-made cakes with abandon!

Fill the centers of each cake with a generous spoonful of the mousse mix. Top with a dollop of whipped cream and then nestle a juicy raspberry right into the centers. Serve on a pretty platter and prepare to be complemented on your excellent dessert!

Enjoy and Happy Entertaining!

Shanna (a.k.a. The Shortcut Taker)

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