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The other day Hubby and I actually had a small window of time to have breakfast together. Wanting something filling and fast, I decided to whip up a skillet of eggs and sausages. We happened to have several leftover brats from a barbecue the evening before, which worked perfectly.

Ingredients for Eggs and Sausages. Please ignore the fact this package of brats is frozen.

You will want to use pre-cooked sausages. You can use whatever kind of sausage you like, we just happened to have brats on hand. I use a two egg and one sausage per person ratio. Except with Hubby, then it is more like two sausages and one egg. Oh, my.

Thinly slice the sausages and toss in a skillet over medium heat with a heaping spoon of butter. Let them get hot and then add your eggs. Stir around until eggs are set and serve.


Happy Entertaining!


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