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Just Focus!

The other night I had the pleasure to be in a lovely home, set out on the edge of civilization, with the woods literally running right up to the backyard. The living room had wrap-around windows that flanked both the front and one entire side of the room, providing a grand view of the beautiful lawn below and to the side of the house.

I was just getting rolling with a product demonstration for EAH and was knee-deep in my spiel of entertaining ideas and tips when I saw something move out of the corner of my eye. Looking out one of the side windows, I watched a partially-grown fawn wander into the yard, nibbling at grass and greenery as it went, acting like it did that everyday, which it probably does.

Since all the nice ladies in the room were facing me with their backs to the window, none of them were aware that Bambi had traipsed into our midst and was creating a complete distraction for my already weary brain.

I forgot my spiel (which I’ve given no less than 1,286 times in the last four years) and was having trouble even remembering my name.

Bambi was so cute. So adorable. So attention-grabbing.

Instead of pointing out the sweet little deer munching away at the outdoor herbiferous smorgasbord provided¬† by the hostess, I gave myself a quick mental scolding of “Just Focus! Focus! Focus!” grabbed my unraveling thoughts and attempted to tie them back together. I’m fairly certain those nice ladies may think I’m a bit of a scatter-brained nut-job. But what was a girl to do? Could you ignore this cute little face?

Does anyone else ever have this problem? Do you ever need a reminder to “Just Focus!” I’d love to hear your stories!


(a.k.a.  the scatter-brained nut-job)

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