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It’s a day of shameless self-promotion today..

But for those of you who have been patiently and anxiously awaiting…


The Christmas Cowboy is finished and ready for your reading pleasure!

Here are the links for the digital versions. Paperbacks will be available next week!


Barnes & Noble


Here’s a blurb about the book:

Flying from city to city in her job as a busy corporate trainer for a successful direct sales company, Kenzie Beckett doesn’t have time for a man. And most certainly not for the handsome cowboy she keeps running into at the airport. Burned twice, she doesn’t trust anyone wearing boots and Wranglers, especially someone as charming and handsome as Tate Morgan.

Among the top saddle bronc riders in the rodeo circuit, easy-going Tate Morgan can handle the toughest horse out there, but trying to handle the beautiful Kenzie Beckett is a completely different story. As the holiday season approaches, this Christmas Cowboy is going to need more than a little mistletoe to win her heart.

I will fess up that I fell in love with these characters. Tate and Kenzie quickly wiggled their way into my heart and made writing their story so much fun. Next week, I’ll post some visuals I used while I was writing the story and you can also check out their board on Pinterest.

Just because… here is a little excerpt from the story:


“Is there anything you need me to explain to you?” Tate asked, as they watched the end of the grand entry.

“This ain’t my first rodeo, cowboy,” Kenzie said with a western twang, making them both laugh.

“Okay,” Tate said in surprise. He wondered what else he had to learn about the beautiful woman who just made everything right in his world by showing up to see him ride.

They watched the bareback riding together and when the next event began, Tate whipped off his hat to hide their faces and gave Kenzie a kiss that made her wonder if her shoes would melt right off her feet.

“For luck,” Tate said, standing up and settling the hat back on his head as those around them laughed or hollered.

“Ride ‘em, cowboy,” Kenzie said, grinning up at Tate with flushed cheeks. Thoroughly embarrassed, his attention also pleased her immensely. He’d just made it known to anyone watching that she was off limits and that was fine with her.

Tate hurried down the steps and behind the chutes with Kenzie’s eyes glued to his jean-covered backside.

A little girl sitting beside her watched her observation of Tate.

“Is he your boyfriend?” the little girl asked.

Kenzie looked down at the blond hair in pigtails, red flowered T-shirt, and jeans tucked into bright red cowboy boots. The cherubic face staring up at her made her smile.

“Not exactly,” Kenzie said, not wanting to discuss her feelings for Tate with a six-year-old.

“Either he is or he isn’t,” the wise child said, staring at Kenzie with tiny arms crossed over her chest and an impatient look on her face. “Grammy says you’ve got to learn to make up your mind.”

“Your Grammy sounds very smart,” Kenzie said, watching as Tate disappeared into the sea of cowboy hats barely visible behind the chutes from her seat.

“Is Tate your boyfriend?” the cherub asked again. “He’s really nice, and all the girls think he’s cute.”

“He is nice and very cute,” Kenzie said absently, her mind still lost in the kiss Tate planted on her in front of everyone. Normally, she would be mortified at such behavior, but somehow, tonight, it seemed perfect.

“If you let him kiss you like that, don’t you think he’s probably your boyfriend?”

“Probably,” Kenzie said…


And for those who use Goodreads, here is a link to the book’s page there:

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I’ve got two new books hot off the press I wanted to share with you today!  Check them out and let me know what you think!

The Cowboy’s Spring Romance – Trent Thompson has carried a torch for the new schoolteacher since she moved to Grass Valley more than three years ago. Instead of asking her out, he’s dated every single female in a 30-mile radius, giving her the impression he’s not interested in her at all. Lindsay Pierce moved to Grass Valley to teach and quickly fell in love with the small community as well as the delightful people who live there. Everyone welcomes her warmly except for one obnoxious cowboy who goes out of his way to ignore her. Will Trent be able to maintain the pretense when he has to babysit his niece, who happens to be in Lindsay’s class? Find out if romance will blossom along with the first flowers of spring.



Barnes & Noble


Book Trailer on You Tube


Savvy Spring Entertaining  – Everything the savvy host needs to know for successful spring entertaining! Discover simple decorating ideas, easy entertaining tips and some delicious spring recipes. Savvy Spring Entertaining gives hosts the information they need to shake off the heavy mantle of winter and prepare for a fun season of spring entertaining!
From Savvy Entertaining’s blogger, this short e-book includes her best hints for welcoming spring!
An excerpt from the author’s novel, The Cowboy’s Spring Romance, is included as well.

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