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To finish up my week long Butterfly Party theme kick, here are a few more food ideas.

butterfly fruit salad finished

Butterfly Fruit Salad was super easy to make and looked pretty impressive.

butterfly fruit salad ingredients

Ingredients included watermelon, canteloupe, cherries and blackberries but you could use whatever fruit you have on hand that is in season. You do need melon to do the butterfly cut-outs though.

butterfly fruit salad cut out melon

I peeled the melon and cut it into flat chunks about 1/4 inch thick then pressed in the cookie cutter. The cantaloupe is a little harder to cut, but totally worth the effort.

butterfly fruit salad watermelon cutout

The melon is easy-breezy to cut into. I used two different sizes of cookie cutters.

butterfly fruit salad melons

And the result was a bowlful of fun butterfly shaped melon.

chocolate butterfly choc in bag

The last and final thing I served at the party was chocolate mousse cups with chocolate butterflies.

I used a mousse mix, but you can certainly make it from scratch of you so desire.

I melted a handful of chocolate chips and then spoon them into a ziploc bag with the corner cut off one end. Make the opening pretty small or you’ll have extra fat butterflies.

Pattern for the chocolate butterflies. Mine is a little freaky, so draw your own if you like.

The pattern for the chocolate butterflies. Mine is a little freaky, so draw your own if you like.

chocolate butterfly on sheet

Place the pattern beneath a piece of parchment on a baking sheet. Using the chocolate, follow the lines of the pattern (or free-handing if you are talented like that. Sadly, I’m not.)

Freeze until firm (you can make these days ahead of time, if you like. Just don’t touch them any more than you have to. They are fragile and melt in no time flat.

chocolate butterfly in mousse cup

When you are ready to serve. Add a dollop of whipped cream to the mousse, remove the butterflies from the freezer then nestle into the whipped cream. A fun, whimsical way to end a party!

She Who Loves Butterflies

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butterfly cookie white sparkle

Sticking to the Butterfly Party theme I began earlier this week, here are some food ideas I used for my party.

I’ll start with the sweet stuff and then get to the healthier options.

Use a basic sugar cookie dough,  from a package or homemade although I love this cookie recipe, and roll the dough about 1/3 an inch thick. Cut with butterfly shaped cookie cutters and bake until set but not quite done.

butterfly cookie frosting

Remove from oven and let cool completely then frost with a simple buttercream frosting.

butterfly cookie decor

Then you get to have fun decorating the cookies. Here are some of the things I used to bedazzle the cookies. If you haven’t tried it yet, the Color Mist spray from Wilson is like edible spray paint. It’s fabulous.

butterfly cookie pinkAnd it makes cool designs like this on your cookies and cakes.

butterfly cookie yellow

You can add whatever embellishments you like. I would have liked mine better if 1. I hadn’t been in such a hurry and 2. If my kitchen hadn’t been so hot. The frosting was melting faster than I could blink.

buttefly veggies lettuceI also attempted to make a butterfly veggie plate. You basically use leaf lettuce for the foundation and add whatever veggies you like in hopes it looks like a butterfly.

Someone with artistic talent would probably have much better luck than I did with this.

butterfly veggies

However, my guests were kind and pretended they could make this look like a butterfly. I, however, could not.

butterfly pasta with cheese

I also made a pasta salad using butterfly shaped pasta. Sorry, I forgot to take a photo of just the pasta. But the salad recipe is simple.

Pasta (cooked, drained and cooled)

Feta Cheese (1 cup)

Parmesan Cheese (1/4 cup)

Olives (I used a mix of black, manzanilla and Kalamata) (about 2/3 cup)

Caesar Vinaigrette Dressing (about 1 cup)

Mix and let sit overnight in your fridge before serving.

butterfly pasta salad with parmesan

It is super easy to make but looks and tastes like you’ve gone to a lot of work.

butterfly sandwich cut out bread

Our main dish was butterfly sandwiches (glamorous, I know!).

I used some old-fashioned white bread and a butterfly cookie cutter to cut out the pieces, then allowed the guests to put whatever they wanted on their sandwiches (assortment of meats and cheeses).

butterfly sandwich

And when they were done, they looked like this.

Tomorrow I’ll share a few more food ideas for hosting a fun butterfly themed party.

She Who is Practically Fluttering

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A few weeks ago, I hosted our book club and decided it would be fun to go with a theme for the evening.

Everything from the decorations to the food to the book selection included butterflies.

I had a blast getting everything ready and I think the girls enjoyed the theme, too.

This week I’ll be sharing some of the ideas and recipes.

butterfly lights 1

To set the scene, I hung butterflies in various colors from the light in the dining room, where I knew we’d be spending most of the evening. I got the butterflies at the craft store and looped a piece of gold thread over the curly brackets on the light, then clipped the butterflies to the thread.

butterfly lights 2

It looked pretty cool, if I do say so myself.

butterfly glasses butterfly

For an added touch, I used butterflies on wires and wrapped them around the base of the drinking glasses. Not only was it fun and added a touch of whimsy, it was also easy to remember which glass belonged to who. It was kind of like using wine charms, only with big butterflies.

butterfly glasses

Serioiusly, you have to be in a pretty grumpy mood not to smile when you’re drinking out of a glass with a butterfly on the stem.

Stay tuned the rest of this week for more butterfly party ideas and recipes!

She Who Had Way Too Much Fun With This

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