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The other day I received a catalog in the mail. A glance at the cover convinced me it belonged to someone else and got stuck in my mailbox by mistake. When I looked at the mailing label, though, it confirmed this particular catalog was mailed to me.

The people who sent it have no idea who they sent it to. At all. Completely clueless.

The first thing I noticed was this on the cover.

So what defines a Goddess? And because you are a Goddess these people are going to be nice enough not to charge you extra for being so special. Isn’t that great?

Then I started thumbing through the catalog. Here are some highlights of the things you will never see me wear. Ever. Even on Halloween or for a very dark and disturbed costume contest.

For those nights when you want to be the star of the show.

So you can announce it to the world and people can run before you get to close.

When you really feel the need to cinch it all in.

Specially designed for those rainy days when you feel like wearing skulls and roses to splash through the puddles. That's right, these are rubber boots.

Daisy Mae takes a walk on the dark side.

Butterfly Sunglasses. For the ultra elite Diva who has everything else.

My personal favorite - the Purple Spider Web Shoes. Wouldn't these look great with... Still thinking on that one.

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