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Today’s Shout-out goes to a handyman named Ken.

He came to my house last night to install my new dishwasher. That in itself isn’t so eventful (unless your old dishwasher had caught fire and frightened a good six years off your lifespan). What was noteworthy was his attitude and helpfulness.

Having had one of those days, I arrived home five minutes late. He was sitting by the front door, next to the new dishwasher, patiently waiting for me to arrive – out in the heat.

Once he looked at the old dishwasher, he let me know we were going to have some problems getting it out and getting the new one in. What should have been a quick installation turned into two hours of hard work on his part.

He did a fantastic job, gave me a great deal on his labor and was polite and friendly the entire time.

So thank you, Ken the Handyman, for taking such good care of us and for hauling away the flaming dinosaur that was probably a very nice dishwasher 25 years ago!


(One very pleased  customer)

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Be Joyful

My Wednesday Shout-Out goes out today to someone I don’t know. I can’t even tell you her name. But she really does deserve a pat on the back.

Sunday when I was traveling back from Milwaukee, I had a connecting flight in Denver. While sitting and waiting for the plane to board, I had the opportunity to watch the airline employee who was working our gate. Now, I don’t know about you, but usually the words I’d use to describe a gate agent would be abrupt, detached, disinterested, and quite often rude.

But this employee was smiling. She was beaming and laughing. Even when less than polite travelers got in her face and started making demands. She held onto her good attitude like it was a lifeline.¬† She might have been faking it, but I don’t think so. It was too genuine.

So the lesson I learned from her is this: be joyful where you are at, no matter what you are doing, or what goes on around you. Be joyful.

Go on, try it today.

Be joyful!

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