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Last week, I posted a list of fall party ideas. The very first one on the list is a party theme revolving around apples. I noticed workers out picking apples in the orchard across the road this past weekend and I thought about how fun it would be to host an apple themed party.

Let’s start with invitations. You could send a simple printed invitation on some apple-themed stationery. You could also hand-deliver a caramel apple with the invitation tied to the stick and festooned with a ribbon. I guarantee that will create some interest in your party. Think out of the box and see what fun invitations you can come up with.

Once you have set the time and date for your party and invited your guests, decide what decorations you will need and what your menu will be. Since this is an apple themed party, the menu will be fairly simple to choose – think about what goes great with apples!

Your menu might look something like this:

Roasted Pork Loin with baby potatoes and carrots

Chunky Applesauce

Sweet and Sour Cabbage or Coleslaw

(with a  julienne of cabbage and apples, of course)

Cinnamon Biscuits

Spicy or Mulled Apple Cider

Apple Crisp with fresh whipped cream or ice cream

Pork is such a natural main dish to pair with apples. They go together like peanut butter and jelly – sort of… oh, you get the idea.

Once your menu is in place, think about decorations. Keep it simple, but have fun with it. Pair sunflowers with apples for striking and eye-catching centerpieces. Hollow out apples to hold votive or taper candles. Pile apples into wooden baskets or clear glass bowls. If you plan to use scented candles, choose a cinnamon or apple based scent to keep the theme going throughout your home. It is easy to make a dried apple wreath if you peel, slice and dip in salt water. Let slices dry for about two weeks, turning every few days until completely dry. String them on jute or raffia or glue to a straw wreath form.

For entertainment, you could have a bob for apple contest or an apple peeling contest or even something as simple as an apple eating contest. You could also dip apples in caramel or chocolate and let your guests decorate them then pick a winner for the most artistic.

Have fun with the theme and see what great ideas you can come up with. I’d love to hear from you if you do host an apple-theme party! Let me know what worked for you!

Happy Entertaining!


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