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A Monday List

A list of randomness because it is Monday and because:

1. It finally (FINALLY) feels like summer outside. The sun is shining, the air is warm and it looks like a lovely day!

2. My cowlick refuses to be tamed into submission today, even with a shellac coating of hairspray.

3. I continue to wear a skirt knowing the odds are high the zipper will get stuck and I’ll be circling like a dog chasing it’s tail trying to get the stupid thing zipped. Again.

4. My house needs cleaned in the very worst way. Someone really needs to get on this before it gets really out of hand, like my backyard.

5. My backyard looks like disaster struck full force. There are dead plants, holes, barren wasteland, limbs, stumps and assorted and sundry trimmings that need to go away.

6. The neighbor dog and our cats torment each other through the fence. He barks, they bat at him and all is right in their world. Which means all is not in mine.

7. The milk went bad Saturday and apparently the canned milk in my pantry was purchased around the time big hair and spiral perms were popular.

8. I discovered canned milk can, indeed, go bad.

9. Someone who lives at my house needs to go to the grocery store. Someone who thinks he is funny and teases me without mercy. Yep, that is the someone who needs to go. That would be the same someone who should clean the house, do damage control in the backyard and make the cats play nice with the neighbor dog.

10. Miss Maizy has decided the screen door to the patio is a huge play toy that she should climb on, hang from, sharpen her claws in and, in general, do everything she can to spur on its demise.

The end…

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You know how you find yourself at weird times of the day (like, for example at 3 a.m. when you can’t sleep) browsing through websites for odd things that would never cross your mind when you are functioning normally?

Yeah, me either.

Anyhooooo, I may have searched through some websites and those evil tracking cookies seem to know just exactly which particular items I most long to have because they have become relentless in tormenting and teasing me.

Every time I open up a website, it seems like their ads are there, winking from the sidelines, blasting across the top banners.

I wish someone would make them stop. I’m pretty sure it is damaging my already fragile psyche.

Just to give you an idea…

I was browsing clothes and now –

This super cute top follows me everywhere.

I wandered over to a few online shoe stores which led me to look at a boot website which led to –

These boots that I drool over every time they pop up on my screen. They haunt my dreams and scream at me to buy them. So far, I have resisted the urge. But believe me it has been challenging.

If my randomness hadn’t gotten me into enough trouble, I had to compound the problem with this –

Yes, I want this car more than chocolate. Captain Cavedweller and my BFF just laugh at me.

Go away, evil tracking cookies and take your teasing ads with you, please.

She Who Can’t Handle the Taunting

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When I first ventured with Captain Cavedweller out to the farm where his grandparents lived, his grandmother had the most lovely tulips blooming by her door. They were beautiful shades of pink – hot pink, pale pink, pink with stripes. Goodness, but they were just breathtaking.

A few years later when his grandparents were packing up to leave the farm, I asked if I could have a few of the bulbs. That was when I discovered that the original tulip bulbs came from Captain Cavedweller’s great-grandmother, which made them even more special.

Not wanting them to get lost or mixed in with my flower garden mess, I bought a gargantuan planter and buried them there. They bloomed in it for a few years until we moved and finally settled into the home we have now. One of the first things I did that fall was dig up a flower bed and plant the tulip bulbs there.

Over the years they have multiplied into a beautiful array of dazzling blooms.

And as crazy as it might sound, I somehow feel like I have a little connection to his grandma and great-grandmother through these awesome blooms.

That, and they are just so doggone pretty!

She Who Loves these Tulips

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Barn Wood

While we were at The Farm for the weekend, I made Captain Cavedweller wander around with me while I took a boatload of photos.

I will freely admit I was more than a little fascinated by all the weathered old wood around the place.

It started with wanting some barn wood photos.

This used to be an old granary. If you look close, you’ll see even the nail heads have turned red from age and weather.

These boards were part of the old chicken coop. This would be the place where I learned to despise chickens because I just knew they were determined to peck me to pieces whenever I got sent in to collect the eggs. The chickens flew the coop about 35 years ago and the building has since been used for irrigation tube storage.

This cool shot was taken in what used to be the original shop built goodness only knows when. The back wall had this great knot hole that peeps out on one of the pastures. When I was growing up I hated walking past here because a flock of terrorist birds would dive bomb me almost every time. So you learned to run fast and hope for the best.

This door used to let the cows out of the milk barn and it seemed like it weighed half a ton when I got stuck opening it. Maybe I need to resume a fitness routine that involves pulling way too heavy doors open. It was great for keeping the arms in shape. This would also be the door that didn’t get opened soon enough on one particular occasion which resulted in the cow going down the steps, into the milkroom and chasing my mom around the tank until my dad and brother came to the rescue.

This is one of the old barn windows. Surprisingly, all the panes were intact. If you look really closely in the right-hand side, you can almost see Captain Cavedweller. He’d be thrilled to know I caught him in the reflection. Or not.

She Who Likes Old Wood

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