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Between a wet spring and cooler temps (although it’s been hovering right around 100 this week), my roses have bloomed profusely and beautifully.

I snapped a few photos of them the other day and thought I’d share.

Mini roses in vaseSome minis I brought in the house. Love their delicate little blooms!


Rose Double Delight bud

Rose Double DelightThis rose is Double Delight. Not only is it a vibrant color, it has the best scent. It’s one of my all-time favorites.


Roses Hot pink Bud


Roses Pale Pink Bud 2


Roses Yellow bloom

Roses Yellow BudFor whatever reason, yellow roses always remind me of my grandpa.  That’s probably why I’m particularly fond of this rose.

She Who Needs to Take More Time to Stop and Smell the Roses

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tulip orange tulip pink stripe

During the long, dreary months of winter, I somehow always forget how much joy I find in my tulips each spring.

tulip yellow

I love their cheery little heads that burst forth in brilliant colors.

tulips lavenderAlong with the softer pastel hues.

tulip orangeAlthough I think these fiery beauties…

Tulip multi orangeMight just be my favorites this year.

She Who Loves Tulips

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ProFlowers floral designers Mallory Littleton and Kate Law put together some amazing ideas for using flowers as part of the latest trends.

A few of my favorite of their ideas are below:


Blue Blooms

Blue Blooms

1. Proflowers | 2. Proflowers | 3. Project Wedding | 4. EbiEmporium  | 5. Pinterest | 6. Oh Lovely Day | 7. Pinterest | 8. Terra Flowers Miami

” Blue hydrangeas, delphiniums and irises pair with shades of lavender, purple orchids and blue-green succulents to form displays as cool and relaxing as a dip in the bay.”

This color scheme is calming, subtle, and so pretty. It makes me want to take a trip to the beach!

Single-Serving Bouquets

Single Serving Bouquets

1. Proflowers|2. ProFlowers| 3. Pinterest | 4. Julie Blanner | 5. Centsational Girl | 6. Small Shop Studio| 7. Lonny

ProFlowers floral designers said they expect  more people to use bouquets that feature only a single variety of flower, such as a large grouping of purple tulips or pink peonies rather than a combination of colors and blooms in the same vase.

I love the idea behind this trend and can think of many ways to make it work.

Bold Rainbow

Bold Rainbow

1. Proflowers| 2. Proflowers| 3. Honestly Yum | 4. The Knot | 5. Pinterest | 6. Pinterest | 7. Wed Luxe

The brilliant, bold merging of  vibrant colors such as hot pink, orange, lime green, yellow and scarlet definitely catches the eye.

Colorful rainbows of blooms are perfect for celebrations like birthdays (it really makes me think Cinco De Mayo) but can also be used to bring pops of color to a neutral space. Just think how many smiles a bouquet in these bright hues would bring to you at your office!

Country Garden

Country Garden

1. Proflower | 2. Proflowers | 3. Proflowers | 4. Apryl Ann | 5. Snippet and Ink | 6. Hot Cocoa Design | 7. Plectrumbanjo | 8.Jose Villa

This is my favorite  – the combination of soft pastels, flowing textures, earthy elements like the burlap (absolutely love the lace on the edge).

The subtle combinations make me think of a spa day or maybe a quiet afternoon in a peaceful garden, curled up in the sunshine with a good book.

For more creative floral ideas and trends, go to ProFlowers.com blog.

What are your favorite floral trends for 2014?

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The other day I wandered around my yard with the camera. I thought I’d share what I found…

flower daffodil 2Daffodils. I think these have to be one of the cheeriest flowers. Absolutely love them!

flowers violets 2Violets always make me think of fairies.

flower jump upsJohnny-Jump-Ups bring fond memories of my grandpa to mind. He always had a bunch of them growing at his house.

Flower - hyacinth dark pinkHyacinths are so pretty. I’m quite taken with this bright pink hue.

flower hyacinth pink with beeBut I also like this pale pink one, too. So do the bees!

flower hyacinth bunchAnd you’ve got to have some lavender and purple ones as well.

flowers forsythiaThe forsythia actually belongs to our neighbor and creeps through our fence.

forsythia with lady bugBut I don’t think the ladybug cares.

Happy Spring!

She Who is So Everlasting Grateful Spring has Arrived




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