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Between a wet spring and cooler temps (although it’s been hovering right around 100 this week), my roses have bloomed profusely and beautifully.

I snapped a few photos of them the other day and thought I’d share.

Mini roses in vaseSome minis I brought in the house. Love their delicate little blooms!


Rose Double Delight bud

Rose Double DelightThis rose is Double Delight. Not only is it a vibrant color, it has the best scent. It’s one of my all-time favorites.


Roses Hot pink Bud


Roses Pale Pink Bud 2


Roses Yellow bloom

Roses Yellow BudFor whatever reason, yellow roses always remind me of my grandpa.  That’s probably why I’m particularly fond of this rose.

She Who Needs to Take More Time to Stop and Smell the Roses

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The other day I wandered around my yard with the camera. I thought I’d share what I found…

flower daffodil 2Daffodils. I think these have to be one of the cheeriest flowers. Absolutely love them!

flowers violets 2Violets always make me think of fairies.

flower jump upsJohnny-Jump-Ups bring fond memories of my grandpa to mind. He always had a bunch of them growing at his house.

Flower - hyacinth dark pinkHyacinths are so pretty. I’m quite taken with this bright pink hue.

flower hyacinth pink with beeBut I also like this pale pink one, too. So do the bees!

flower hyacinth bunchAnd you’ve got to have some lavender and purple ones as well.

flowers forsythiaThe forsythia actually belongs to our neighbor and creeps through our fence.

forsythia with lady bugBut I don’t think the ladybug cares.

Happy Spring!

She Who is So Everlasting Grateful Spring has Arrived




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During the summer months, when fresh produce abounds, I try to buy as much as I can from local fruit stands. The other day I stopped at one I hadn’t tried before because I wanted some sweet corn and there were multiple signs advertising their selection.

Although there wasn’t an overwhelming about of produce to choose from, fragrant cantaloupes, lemony cucumbers, vibrant tomatoes and boxes of plums were set out in an appealing display.

Gathering up a few things, I looked around for the corn and didn’t see any. Asking the man running the stand if he had any, he smiled and nodded his head of white hair. At this point, all he needed was some funky sunglasses and a T-shirt to confirm he had not quite left behind the haze of the 1960s. Both his speech and laid-back body language assured me of this.

Turning around, he pointed to a huge barrel and removed the lid where sweet corn hid beneath a burlap covering. Pulling out a few ears, he showed them to me, describing his “beauties” as “elegant and lovely” before bagging a half dozen ears for me.

Seeing the corn man, along with those burlap bags took me hurtling back to the summer I was seventeen when my parents decided my divine torture for the summer would be helping them sell sweet corn. Although I’m sure it was probably just a few acres they planted, at the time it seemed more like hundreds. For a few weeks that summer, it seemed like all I did was pick corn (which caused my asthma to go into overdrive), shuck corn (which caused my whining to go into overdrive) and bag the shucked corn for customers. Some corn we delivered and others we sold right from the front yard, where huge piles of corn husks sat until yours truly got the privilege of hauling them off to the garbage.

To this day, I hate shucking corn although I do enjoy a good ear of sweet corn.

Thanking Mr. Corn Man for the produce, I begrudgingly shucked the corn for dinner that night.

Although I had my doubts, the corn man was right – those ears were not only sweet, but elegant and lovely, too.

She Who Needs to Go Back to the Fruit Stand

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Sometimes, when the sun is shining, the sky is blue and the weather is that perfect degree between pleasantly warm and scorching…

You just have to grab your camera, go outside and capture everything you see!

She Who Loves Summer


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I don’t know what it is, but there is something about sunflowers, particularly against the backdrop of wheat fields and blue sky that just screams summer to me.

It probably harkens back to the days of my childhood when wheat harvest was an important part of the summer activities I tried to avoid. The edges of the fields often had volunteer sunflowers waving their bright little heads in the breeze. I always thought they were cheery and fun. My dad thought they were just one step above noxious weeds.

Regardless, they are a beacon of summer and simpler times that yank me back to summer days spent outside, covered in itchy wheat chaff, spending time with my dad.

The other day I was out snapping photos of a garden that is absolutely amazing and lovely and they were actually growing sunflowers in the garden.

And the flowers were bright, cheery and…

made me smile.

She Who Gets Nostalgic Over the Strangest Things


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The other day I had the opportunity to go to a local garden that is a joint project with a restaurant chef and a winery. There were all sorts of wonderful things growing in the garden but the thing that most caught my attention was the way they had marked the rows and plants.

Wine bottles.

They recycled empty wine bottles as garden markers by writing on the sides with permanent ink (wine pens) and turning the bottles neck down into the garden rows.

So much for my dorky little seed packets tacked to a flimsy wooden stake.

These bottles are cool, guaranteed not to blow away in the wind or disintegrate from too much exposure to the sprinkler.

I’m so glad people much more clever than me come up with great ideas like this.


And let people like me steal their ideas!

She Who Needs to Get a Garden Planted

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Yesterday I was minding my own business, trying my best to perfect my lazy slugness, when Captain Cavedweller came bursting into the house and hauled me outside.

“You’ve got to see this,” he said.

“See what,” I asked, slightly miffed at having my blissful do-nothingness interrupted.

“This,” he said, pointing to some tulip stems in the front flower bed.

There, firmly entwined around the tulip stem, was a nest of freshly hatched spiders.


So being the nut-job that I am, I had to get down on all fours so I could investigate them closer. Then I decided I needed to take photos of them.

They started out in a tight little cluster that quickly expanded. They kept coming and coming. I’m pretty sure there must have been a gazillion of them, but for simplicity I decided to call it an even thousand.

Of course, we couldn’t let this fascinating find go unnoticed by others so I hotfooted it over to the neighbor’s and invited their kids over to see the spiders. They quickly stuck both hands into the mess and drug spiders home with them (Sorry, Jennifer!). And yet, the spiders kept coming. Soon the adults were batting them out of our hair and off  our clothes as the spiders went airborne.


And still more spiders crawled up the stem of the tulip and ran amuck in my flower bed. I think there is a never ending supply of them. The neighbor finally called an end to the kids spider diving and took them home. I’m sure I’m on her favorite neighbor list now. I’m all about sharing those fun experiences with anyone I can.

She Who Does Not Love Spiders

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