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If you’ve been putting off entertaining because you just don’t have any fun party ideas, why not choose a spring color for your inspiration?

Yellow screams spring time, daffodils and sunny days.

You can easily pull together a Mellow Yellow party theme.

Start with yellow card stock for your invitations or choose online invitations with some bright yellow accent like a smiley sun, bright tulips or lemons.

Decorations are simple – pile lemons into clear glass bowls, add a couple of yellow throw pillows to your decor. Fill a vase or two with yellow flowers and use a yellow tablecloth for your table.

Food choices can include anything yellow like pineapple, bananas, lemon (insert your favorite sweet like cake, cookies, tarts, pudding, pie), cheese, crackers, etc. Drinks can include lemonade and, if you want to really carry out your party theme, bottles of Mello Yello.

Of course, the hostess can also be attired in something yellow (unless the hostess is me in which case the hostess would look terribly ill).

Sorry, I digress.

I loved this dress. It just said Savvy Hostess while the shoes screamed  “We’re so cute! You should buy us.” Really, they did.

Have fun with your party theme and remember the most important thing is relaxing and having fun with your guests.

She Who Wants A New Hostess Outfit

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Well, I’m not quite sure how it happened but apparently I have lost track of time and now find myself scrambling for ideas as Mother’s Day approaches.

I’m hoping no one else is like me and running behind, but if you are, today I’m going to share a past post about Mother’s Day Entertaining.

If you volunteered to host the celebration a while back and are just now remembering that it is this coming Sunday, good luck! Hopefully you’ll find some useful tips here.

Mother’s Day Entertaining


If you are hosting a Mother’s Day get together, think about what you can do to make all the mothers feel extra special in your home.  By implementing a few simple ideas, you will ensure they know how much they are loved and appreciated.

Have a door greeter (one of your children would be great at the job) who hands every Mom a single stem flower as they walk in the door. These can be flowers from the florist or fresh cut from your garden. Have the flowers in a basket with individual water tubes on each stem to keep them fresh. Water tubes are available in craft stores or from a florist.

If you are serving a sit-down meal, have something special for each Mom at her place setting. It can be something as simple as a tiny box with one decadent truffle or a piece of her favorite candy. You could have an individual flower or votive floating in a small bowl. Even a poem hand-written or photocopied on nice card stock would be appreciated.

To truly touch her heart, spend a few minutes writing down the reasons you appreciate her. Put it on nice cardstock or in an inexpensive frame. This will definitely be a keepsake and probably much more appreciated than other gifts you could buy.

And don’t forget those who may not be mothers, but have a mother’s-heart. If you have a special aunt, sister, cousin or friend who goes out of her way to make you or your little ones feel special, make sure you show your appreciation to them as well.

Think with your heart and I know you’ll be able to give your Mom a special memory she’ll always treasure.

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So, you’ve got a houseful of guests arriving and are starting to go into panic mode because you want everything to be beautiful and wonderful and perfect!

Take a deep breath and relax! Remember, the most important thing about upcoming gatherings is building relationships not worrying about dust bunnies.

There are some simple things you can do now to help ease your stress load later this week.

If you will be serving your meal buffet style, here is an easy step-by-step guide to setting up a buffet table. And you can set it up now! No need to wait until the last-minute.

Start with a blank table. Get it positioned where you’d like to have your buffet. If you want the buffet to run down both sides of a table, make sure there is plenty of room for guests to get completely around it. I like to push my table against the wall because it gives me the opportunity to be a bit more creative with how I design the buffet.

Drape your table with a neutral cloth. You can use white or cream, but I like black best. It makes the colors on the table pop and come to life. It also hides spills and stains so your guests won’t worry because they can’t see it!  I use sheets a lot because they are inexpensive, easy care and come in a variety of sizes. Please ignore the fact I did not iron the wrinkles out of this sheet before putting on the table! Promise you will not tell my mother! Please!

Next, you want to add height to your table. Focus the tallest point off-center. I like to put it off to one side and create a bit of a “waterfall” effect. By that, I mean that your height is at the back and on one side and the height decreases as you come toward the other side and to the front. You want the highest point to be where  you will place your centerpiece. Think about what serving pieces you want to use and place height accordingly. For example, you wouldn’t place a huge platter on a small box. If you don’t have sturdy boxes, you can use stacks of books or even cooking pots turned upside down. As you can see, I’ve even used a little storage crate.

You are going to cover up your height elements (boxes) with another cloth that matches your base cloth. Hello beautiful black drape! Don’t worry about making it perfectly smooth. It won’t be. Embrace the lumps and wrinkles and give them a bit of a  fluff to look artistic.

Here is where your colors are going to start to pop. Choose a third cloth that goes with your theme, scheme or matches your serving pieces. The table I’m doing today is heavy on red with some cream accents, so I went with a traditional holiday plaid. You want to drape this casually over the table.

And the next thing you know, you’ve got a beautiful buffet ready to greet your guests. Go ahead and position all your serving pieces, tweak them to just how you like them and leave them there until you are ready to fill them with food. If there is a possibility you will forget what food goes in which serving dish, label them with sticky notes. You can get this table set up now and save yourself oodles of time the day your company is arriving. Just drape the entire table with another sheet to keep any dust (or kiddie fingers) from landing on the dishes.

Wasn’t that easy?

Now, go out there and create your own beautiful holiday buffet table!

Happy Holiday Entertaining!


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Today is just one of those days when time is getting away from me. I have a houseful of company coming tonight and must stick to my timeline to get everything pulled together in time.

Here is a link to a post about Timelines I did a while back about how entertaining following a timeline makes everything go so much smoother and easier.

Happy Entertaining!

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