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A couple of weeks ago, I drove five hours to arrive at this awesome cabin owned by my lovely cousin Julie and her husband.

During the next few days, I spent time in the company of Julie along with my cousins Nancy and Twylia and our beloved Aunt Robbie.

Every year, we make a point to get together for a couple of days, connect, shop, eat, laugh, cry and connect. It is something I look forward to all year.

We started this tradition a few years back at as a one-time get together. But we enjoyed it so much, it has become something we all look forward to each year. Here us a highlight of our past excursions as Gallivanting Goddesses.

Aunt Robbie calls our trips the gathering of the Sisterhood. It’s a fitting name, since these warm, loving ladies are so close and dear to my heart.

The first morning, Aunt Robbie and I sat out on the deck and watched the sun come up.

It was glorious.

Having not seen Julie’s cabin before, I had not envisioned the posh accommodations right on the edge of the golf course that we were treated to.

The air was crisp, clean and scented with pine. The skies were blue and the temperature, while hot, was pleasant for the most part.

I felt spoiled and pampered as the youngest member of the group (as I always do when I’m with them.)

We ate a leisurely breakfast at the cabin then ventured into town for a day of shopping, eating and gabbing.

Dinner on the lake was fantastic and, of course, yours truly didn’t take her camera with her so no photos to share. But believe me, it was something to see!

I love these four marvelous women so, so much. They have helped me grow more than they can ever know. They listen to my fears, encourage my dreams, share my tears.

And they make me laugh. A lot.

Love you, ladies of the Sisterhood!

She Who is Blessed to Know These Women

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Some of you may know that I have been endeavoring to write a novel. Which morphed into a series of three novels. Which then turned into a series of three novels with an introductory short story.

They are finally, finally published digitally!

You can find them at Smashwords and on Amazon in the Kindle store.

The books are retailing for $2.99 and the prelude is 99 cents on Kindle or free on Smashwords. In about a week and a half, the books will be available on other e-reader formats so stay tuned.

You can also find a free pdf download of the prelude on my website at:  ShannaHatfield.com

Go there to check out what the books are all about! And I’d love to hear what you think of them!

If you don’t have an e-reader, no worries. Kindle has a free application you can download and read books right on your computer. How cool is that?

Thank you to everyone for your encouragement, kind words and support as I jumped into this fascinating journey. It is going to be an exciting ride.

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