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If you aren’t in a place where the weather is warm, sunny and lovely, dreary skies don’t have to keep you from entertaining.

One way to chase away the winter blues is to put together an indoor picnic. This is awesome for a couple, great fun for kids and you can turn it into a really cool party for friends.

Think about all the elements that make a picnic fun – and then bring it indoors!

Start with your typical picnic food. Maybe it is barbecued burgers and hot dogs, grilled steaks or fried chicken. Whatever is your barbecue specialty – bring it on!

Use a bright cheery cloth to cover your table or buffet area. Add in some fun wicker baskets to hold serving bowls, use bright flowers for accents and make sure the lighting is strong.

If you have an indoor fireplace, spread some blankets or quilts in front of it as a welcome seating area for guests. If your fireplace is open, you can even plan to roast a few marshmallows to amp up the fun factor.

Have youngsters play some fun indoor-friendly games like “Who’s got the Button” or “Mother May I.”

If the party is all adults, have everyone share their best or worst picnic experience. This is sure to bring many laughs and smiles.

Most of all, remember to have fun!

Happy Entertaining

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