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A few weeks ago Hubby and I escaped, ran away, packed our bags and got out of Dodge, made a mad getaway…  we went on vacation! And it was awesome.

But before our official vacation fun began, we made a detour of a few hundred miles so we could 1. spend Father’s Day with our dads and 2. attend the wedding of my cousin’s first born, dearly loved son. I’m so glad we did.

As you may or may not know, I love weddings. Absolutely, cotton-picking love weddings. I love the emotion, the joy, the laughter, the wedding songs, the beautifully-wrapped gifts and the cake, particularly if it is chocolate.

This wedding that united Chance and Veronica in wedded bliss was so much fun – and so very sweet.

Mother of the Groom, my cousin Julie, is on the right - the cute one laughing. If I had to get stiffed on all the good genes, I'm glad she's the one who got my share.

The mother of the groom, my sweet cousin Julie, was very gracious and lovely. Not that I’d expect her to be anything else. She is one of those people you’d love to hate because not only is she is perky and gorgeous, she is also hysterically funny, sweet, sincere, genuine and beautiful. Yeah, I’m not sure how we could possibly be blood relation because looking at us you’d see absolutely no family resemblance at all. I think Julie got my share of all the cute and fun genes.

The newlyweds prepare to leave the church via a buggy ride.

Anyway, the wedding was casual, relaxed and lovely. Then we all loaded up in our cars, left the church and drove out to Julie’s home. Not everyone could accommodate several hundred guests descending on their home like ants on a picnic, but Julie and her husband Wally did a swell job of making everyone feel welcome.

The first dance for Chance and Veronica.

We enjoyed a splendid feast, cheered as the newlyweds cut the cake, listened to amusing and touching toasts from the best man and maid of honor and watched the first and second dance. It was fantastic.

The groom and his mother share a dance while the bride danced with the father of the groom.

I think my favorite thing of all were these little packets of seeds that were handed out as we signed the guest book.

The front of the packet has their names and wedding date.

But the back is what made my heart melt. It says "Everytime you give these flowers a glance, please remember that Veronica loves Chance." Not only sweet, but what a clever idea!

Thanks to Julie and Wally for welcoming us to your home and being so gracious. Thanks to Chance and Veronica for allowing us to be a part of your special day,  and for the flowers that will indeed make me remember this special wedding every time I see a bloom.

Best Wishes!


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