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Just for fun, all this week I’ll post Valentine’s themed tips, recipes, ideas and ramblings.

Aren’t you excited, now?

I can hear the giddy clapping of your hands as you anticipate all the fun to come this week!

So today, I’m pilfering some fun ideas from other websites and sharing them here.

Red hot-filled vase with red tulips. Love this idea from Martha Stewart.


Sweet Treats from The House of Smiths. So fun!


Simple and sweet idea from Designs that Inspire to Create Your Perfect Home.


Heart Lollipop from Add a Pinch. How cute is this?


And Vintage Valentines from Amazon. These cute little cards are really speaking to me.

So there you have it… some fun Valentine ideas to get you started thinking about how you can make the holiday next week extra special.

She Who Needs to Get Busy on Some Ideas!

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