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With the days of summer winding down toward fall, it seems even more important to grab on to every moment and squeeze all the fun, excitement and joy out of it we can. One of the best places to do that can be in your very own backyard.  Really!

How many of these beautiful summer evenings have you just sat and watched the world go by from your backyard? Not nearly, enough, I’m guessing. I know I haven’t.

At the party I was at last night, the hostess with the mostest had all her guests gather in her backyard. It was bliss! Everyone was relaxed and casual and enjoying one another. Isn’t that really what it is all about?  Relaxing, living in the moment, enjoying the company of family and friends?

Despite the often disastrous state of my own backyard, we can watch some of the most amazing sunsets take place over our neighbor’s pasture and beyond to the distant hills. Nature paints the most gorgeous portraits if we just take the time to really look at them and enjoy.

So I challenge you to slow down, take a deep breath and watch a few of these unbelievable summer sunsets while they last.

Happy Entertaining!


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