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Petersen Rock Garden


Hubby and I escaped  a few weeks ago on the most laid back trip I think we’ve ever taken. We didn’t really have an agenda and just stopped to enjoy the sites along the way instead of driving past them in a hurry and making a note to come back sometime. Generally, our vacations are fast and furious with at least nine more activities planned than we have time to squeeze in. Not this time. Although we did do a bit of shopping, I managed to restrain myself to only two new pairs of shoes. Instead, we enjoyed being in the moment.

So my post on  today’s blog and tomorrow’s will highlight two of the places we went on our trip.

Today’s is all about the Petersen Rock Garden in Redmond, OR. If you are ever in the area, it is unique enough I recommend taking a look. You can’t miss it – just follow the signs.

Rasmus Petersen, a Denmark native, had a vision for a rock garden and brought it to life. He began his project at the age of 52 and spent the next 17 years of his life working on the garden – a tribute to his adopted country. He passed away in 1952, but the garden is still open to those interested in seeing his collections of rocks, petrified wood, glass and shells.

I have to tell you, it is fascinating. So are the peacocks and ducks that roam the grounds – and one horse. Once you are finished browsing the gardens, you can head into a gift shop, complete with picture postcards, and a fluorescent lit room provides glowing mineral thrills. The garden is open until dusk and is completely self-guided.


The details at the rock garden are amazing.



Awesome rock bridge.



Hello from Cinder City.



Bridge over the lily pond.



Up on a hill...



There are peacocks everywhere.



And they are good at ignoring humans.



A tribute to Lady Liberty.



I really lilked this table made of various rocks.





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