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Word of the Week: Patriotism



– noun

love, support, and defense of one’s country; national loyalty

“The parade attendees offered a wonderful display of patriotism.”

This weekend, Hubby and I went to a parade. I have to say, it was one of the most organized I’ve ever attended.  There were floats, bands, old cars, more horse entries than I’ve ever witnessed in one parade, and lots of smiling, happy people. The parade began on a great note with the majority of the military entries leading the parade.

As a burst of fireworks signaled the beginning of the parade and the entrants started down the street, you could see wave after wave of the crowd rise to their feet, take off their hats and honor  the American flag as it passed by. Those carrying the flags – members of the Veteran’s of Foreign Wars, the National Guard, active service members, and police officers – all received the same respect and honor. It was one of those moments that squeezes your heart, brings a tear to your eye and makes you so grateful to be living in this great country.

I’m glad we were there to see not only the parade, but to be a part of the warm feeling of patriotism that filled the crowd.

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