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When a friend recently had major surgery, her sister-in-law took on the task of organizing meals to be brought in to the family. She used a fantastic website called foodtidings.com to schedule the meals.

I love this website. You log in, go to the schedule, select the day you want to bring the meal, then type in what you want to bring. That information is posted where everyone can see it. Everyone participating knows what days are covered and who is bringing what so meals aren’t duplicated.

For the organizer, it makes things so much easier and simpler as well. They set up the basic information of who receives the meals, where, what time and what dates as well as inviting people to participate in bringing the meals. It is so easy for them to keep track of who is bringing what and when.

If you have someone who needs to have meals brought in due to illness, surgery, new baby, or family emergency, this is a great service to use.

You can also find some great tips and recipes on the site’s homepage.

If you are in charge of organizing meals for a loved one or friend, check this site out. It makes it very simple and easy to bring comfort and joy to others through food!

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